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Would you like to empower future generations to grow spiritually and date wisely so they can marry well?

We are looking for facilitators to participate in a pilot launch of the brand new video curriculum to accompany our latest book, Date Like You Know What You’re Doing: Your DatePrep Guide.

If you participate, you will receive FREE ACCESS to the video series, and a simple facilitator’s guide.

PLUS: If you wish, we’d love to help launch your class with an in-person or live video chat with MJ. This could take place during your first class, or at a course preview meeting for prospective students or parents.

Here’s how young adults, teens (and their parents) have responded to this material:

What I thought would be incredibly awkward turned out to be engaging and interesting. I learned far more than I thought I would and I actually looked forward to class every week.

Young Adult

I really like how it was related to life and what you get out of it. It wasn't just dating relationships but also about friendships.

High School Student

This class is exactly what my husband and I have prayed for. Our teenagers respond so much better to hearing others confirm what their "crazy parents" are already saying. My teens came away from this class deciding for themselves to make wise choices concerning future marriage.

Parent of High School Students

I really appreciate the set-up of the class. I feel it's created opportunities I wouldn't have gotten otherwise! I've had lots of growth and I feel I'll benefit for a long time from the growth!

Young Adult

Not only have I met like-minded people that I have become friends with, but I also got the opportunity to discuss many topics that I have been nervous to discuss.

High School Student

I love how open and direct the teaching is! Teens are bombarded from every angle with the world’s idea of love. I’m so thankful there’s a place where they can hear God’s!

Parent of High School Students

This class was so awesome! The way they approached dating was fun and all centered on Jesus and how to glorify Him through dating.

Young Adult

Amazing and wise topics to think about when navigating dating. An excellent resource to guide teenagers through the wild world of dating.

High School Student

MJ’s humor and style trick you into thinking you’re eating chips instead of vegetables! Like, ‘I’m having fun... so how can this possibly be good for me?'

Parent of High School Students

As you can see, the Lord has been using this curriculum to bless the lives of teens and young adults in our own home for years. In return, those students have blessed our lives.

And we believe you will be blessed as you experience what we have. This is one of the reasons we felt led to package our curriculum so others can share the same practical, Biblical truths.



What’s expected of you as a facilitator?

What you need:

  • A heart for young people
  • A reverence for the awesome calling of marriage
  • Your own unique insight and experience to share
  • Ability to recruit students from your church, school, or community

You can empower others to prepare for their future marriage like a successful career: intentionally, intelligently, and IN ADVANCE!

Basic facilitator responsibilities:

  • Set dates: The book is divided into 8 sections, conducive to meeting for eight 2-hour sessions, but you could also meet for sixteen 1-hour sessions instead. Suggested session schedules are below.
  • Recruit class: 8-10 students is optimal (either co-ed or single gender)
  • Distribute books: every facilitator and student will need a copy of Date Like You Know What You’re Doing in some form for class discussion. This will be the only financial obligation for pilot launch classes.
  • Host class: We will provide helpful tips for creating a fun, comfortable, and open environment with ice-breakers, community-building exercises, music, food, and drinks.
  • Provide feedback: Let us hear about your experience so we can improve the curriculum

Suggested schedule for an 8-session plan:

    1. Welcome/Icebreaker- 15 mins
    2. Review- 10 mins
    3. Video- 10 mins
    4. Discussion questions- 25 mins
    5. Snack break- 10 mins
    6. Community-building exercise- 10 mins
    7. Video- 10 mins
    8. Discussion questions- 25 mins
    9. Close – 5 mins

Suggested schedule for 16-session plan:

  1. Welcome/Icebreaker- 15 mins
  2. Review- 5 mins
  3. Video- 10 mins
  4. Discussion questions- 25 mins
  5. Close – 5 mins

Interested? Let’s Talk!

Reach out to us via email and we can answer your questions and pray for God’s clear leading.