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A dating life that leads to a life-giving, lifelong marriage doesn’t happen by accident, because you need to date like you know what you’re doing.

That’s why I wrote this book to empower you to:

  • Discern God’s will for your dating life.
  • Avoid heartbreak, rejection, and regret.
  • Date with confidence and clarity.
  • Win the war over sexual temptation.
  • Let your marriage hopes inspire, instead of impede your dating life.

I believe you can accomplish all that and have a blast doing it. So let’s dig in and learn how!

* And when you order direct from our publisher, you give FMU 7xs more royalty monies.


Most people fumble and stumble their way through their dating years. Michael Johnson to the rescue. The insights and wisdom in this book can help you avoid some of the bruises and scars, and point you in the direction of a strong, healthy relationship.

Bob LepineAuthor Love Like You Mean It and Build A Stronger

MJ’s humor and style trick you into thinking you’re eating chips instead of vegetables! Like, ‘I’m having fun reading this, so how can this possibly be good for me?'

Ami SauerMom of teenage sons

It’s insanely practical for scoping out and assessing potential dates and a future mate, as well as a great way to assess your own maturity and relationship potential.

Lisa AndersonAuthor of The Dating Manifesto & Host of “The Boundless Show”

Undeniably a MUST for our teens and single people. They are not learning this life changing material ANYWHERE else. Every parent, teen and single person must read!

Amazon verified review

Though the writing style is fun, this book is filled with enough ‘zinger’ nuggets of wisdom to transform your thinking about how to date.

Gary ThomasAuthor of Sacred Marriage and The Sacred Search

This is a Christian dating book void of legalism and full of practical, spirit-filled ways to date with wisdom. Coupled with Michael’s great sense of humor, I found it almost impossible to put down. (Danya says far more in the video below.)

Danya Parvincollege student

Date Like You Know What You’re Doing is a comprehensive guide to smart dating every Christian should read, study, and follow.”

John Van Epp, Ph. D.Author of How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk

If you don’t like this book there’s something wrong with you.

MJ’s mom(Who’s actually passed away, but if she were alive today she would have said something like this. Probably.)