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You can date like you know what you’re doing. Check out the book and video series NOW!

Want a speaker who can connect with your students (and even their parents) in a clear and compelling way in order to share practical, biblical truth on sex, dating, and relationships?

And also funny?

Well observe this picture of students laughing, because it isn’t a stock photo. It’s a group of real life high schoolers caught in the act of actually enjoying a discussion with Michael Johnson (MJ), Co-founder and Dean of Dating at Future Marriage University (FMU). And, of course…

You know how difficult it is to get a group of teens to even feel comfortable discussing the topics of sex, dating, and relationships with adults, much less enjoy the conversation.

It’s like running with the bulls. On a pogo stick.

It’s like juggling unicycles. While riding a cat.


For more information on possibly having MJ share with your students or their parents (or both), visit our speaking page.

What high school students (and their parents) have to say:

I really like how it was related to life and what you get out of it. It wasn't just dating relationships but also about friendships.

High School Student

Our teenagers respond so much better to hearing others confirm what their "crazy parents" are already saying. My teens came away deciding for themselves to make wise choices concerning future marriage.

Parent of High School Students

I got the opportunity to discuss many topics that I have been nervous to discuss.

High School Student

I love how open and direct the teaching is! Teens are bombarded from every angle with the world’s idea of love. I’m so thankful there’s a place where they can hear God’s!

Parent of High School Students

Amazing and wise topics to think about when navigating dating.

High School Student

MJ’s humor and style trick you into thinking you’re eating chips instead of vegetables! Like, ‘I’m having fun... so how can this possibly be good for me?'

Parent of High School Students