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Discussion Questions:

Chapter 7: Are You Guilty of Relational Malpractice?

  1. Why is ditching your friends for your dating life a really bad practice?
  2. How could you invite and involve your friends in your dating life?
  3. Why do we prize romantic/sexual love above friendship love?

Chapter 8: You Get What You Prepare For

  1. If shared experiences can make you feel closer than you actually are, how should that reality impact how you date?
  2. Do you think the cell phone has become more of a distraction, a crutch, or an addiction in our culture?
  3. How has chapter 8 changed or affirmed the way you feel about flirting?
  4. Which of the dating ideas near the end of the chapter appealed to you? Which didn’t? (See page 100.)

Chapter 9: Who Are You Going to Trust with Your Heart?

  1. What personal convictions do you want to share with those you date?
  2. What are the various motivations that drive daters to compromise their convictions?

Chapter 10: The Chapter That’s All About Sex

  1. When it comes to setting boundaries, what is the difference between following logic vs. legalism? (See Proverbs 7:6-10 or page 111 in the book.)
  2. Jesus declared lust as sinful as adultery, so how should this expand (and clarify) how we should view sex, purity, and sexual sin? (See Matthew 5:27-28 or page 112.)
  3. What should be the goal of setting sexual boundaries in your dating life? (See 1 Corinthians 6:12 or page 112.)
  4. How should the belief that sexual arousal is natural and good, while sexual sin (as natural as it may be) is  destructive, impact the way you set dating boundaries?
  5. What are the pros and cons of keeping your dating life out in the open (never isolating)?

Video Resources:

For more fun and thoughtful perspective on flirting, watch our LoveEd series, How to Flirt like a Christian.

For more insight regarding your boundaries being established on logic and not legalism, check out this MAN2MAN memo from the playlist, Living a Life of Honor. It’s speaking directly to men (and it’s also intentionally dubbed like a old-school King Fu movie), but there is much for both genders to learn from this.

For more on Jesus words about adultery and lust, watch this episode from the LoveEd playlist, Premarital Sex & the Scriptures.

For more on how to set effective dating boundaries in light of the reality that sexual arousal is only natural between two people who are physically attracted to one another, watch this video from the LoveEd series, Hot Topics Handled with Care.

Finally, for a quick overview of the one single sex boundary to whoops-proof your dating life, watch these three videos:

Here are those three videos in the LoveEd playlist, Stuff You Should Know Before You Date: