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Discussion Questions:

Session 6.1: How to Know You’re Ready to Date

Chapter 15

  1. What in the world does honoring your parents have to do with success in dating? (See pages 183-187 in the book or look up Eph 6:1-3.)
  2. Why should you try to make peace in key relationships, if others won’t meet you halfway? (See pages 189-190 in the book or look up Luke 6: 35-38.)
  3. How can you find personal peace in the midst of contentious relationships? (See pages 191-192 in the book or look up Phil 4:4-7 and John 16:33.)

Chapter 16

  1. How can healthy, deep, same-sex friendships improve your dating life? (See page 195 in the book.)
  2. Why is it so important to hold a clear, healthy, and positive view of your own gender and then identify personally and positively with that view? (See page 198 in the book.)
  3. Why should you share your deepest, darkest secrets with close friends first before you share them with the person you hope to marry? (See page 199 in the book.)
  4. How would it change your dating life if you stopped “auditioning” for your dates, and simply sought to connect with them? (See page 202 in the book.)

Session 6.2: Know God’s Will for Your Dating Life

Chapter 17

  1. Why is it so difficult in our culture to see the church as a body we need to be a part of? (See pages 205-207 in the book or look up 1 Cor 12:12-27.)
  2. Beyond finding a date at church, how could committing to a local body of believers both improve your dating life and prepare you for marriage? (See pages 207-209 in the book.)
  3. Among the three commitments essential to discerning God’s will (knowing His word, seeking Him in prayer, and pursuing community with believers) where do you most need to grow to keep God first in your life? (See page 210 in the book.)
  4. If God doesn’t need our worship, why is He so concerned about idolatry? (See pages 212-215 in the book or look up Jer 2:11-13.)

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