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Discussion Questions:

Session 7.1: How To Recognize “The One”

Chapter 18

  1. Which of the questions about reputation stand out to you and why? (See pages 219-220 in the book.)
  2. What’s wrong with wanting to be someone’s source of life transformation? (See pages 222-223 in the book.)
  3. Which of the questions about character stood out to you and why? (See pages 225-226 in the book.)
  4. Which of the dangers of focusing on common interests stood out to you and why? (See page 228 in the book.)
  5. What’s the difference between trying to make a relationship work and seeking to find out if it can work? (See pages 228-229 in the book.)
  6. Have you ever been the victim or the perpetrator of “identity theft”? (See pages 230-231 in the book.)

Session 7.2: Why You Don’t Have Time to Make Out on a Date

Chapter 19

  1. Why is it important to discern which of your values are actually convictions? (See page 238 in the book.)
  2. What is one of your core convictions and how could you hold yourself accountable to upholding it? (See pages 239-240 in the book.)
  3. Which compatibilities strike you as particularly important? Which strike you as unimportant? (See page 241 in the book.)
  4. How will the obsession with sexual compatibility sabotage your fight for sexual purity? (See pages 242-234 in the book.)

Chapter 20

  1. How can you tell if you’re pursuing God’s call on your life, or just your own dreams? (See pages 253-254 in the book.)
  2. Why can it be so tempting to worship chemistry when it comes to relationships? (See pages 255-256 in the book.)
  3. How should the reality that chemistry can connect you but cannot keep you impact the way you date? (See pages 257-258.)
  4. Why doesn’t cohabitation act as an effective method of discerning whether a couple should marry? (See pages 259-261.)

Video Resources:

We haven’t yet made any videos summarizing the ten DTP talks, but watch this video from our LoveEd series, Purpose Driven Dating, for three date hacks to empower you to date without drowning in doubt.


Want some help in dating successfully? Make sure you aren’t the victim of any of the Love Assassins in this LoveEd playlist. A Love Assassin is a mindset that will stunt your social life and sabotage your ability to thrive in long-term, sacrificial relationships. Do you hold any of these mindsets? Like a trained assassin they’ll take out your dating life without you knowing what hit you!