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Find out how far ABOVE and BEYOND our God went  since our annual fundraising event!

Many teens and young adults want to date, but fear heartbreak, rejection, and regret. While many who are dating, do so while struggling with sexual brokenness, unrealistic expectations, confusion, and fear.

So Date Like You Know is designed to guide you to…

  • Prepare to date like you’d prepare for any worthy endeavor: before. you. ever. begin!
  • Know when you’re ready to date.
  • Grasp confidently both the purpose and goal of dating.
  • Follow a vision for dating that is both inspiring and realistic.
  • Conduct your dating life in purity and honor.
  • Discern God’s will about who to date and how to date.

Let Date Like You Know equip you with the biblical perspective necessary for a successful dating life – hopefully BEFORE you ever fall in love.

This in-person class meets for 8 weeks, February-March, in the Nashville area.  Registration is posted here when class is open.

Find out more about the book, Date Like You Know What You’re Doing, here.

Check out OUR BRAND NEW video series which accompanies the book over at

Here’s how young adults have responded to this material:

What I thought would be incredibly awkward turned out to be engaging and interesting. I learned far more than I thought I would and I actually looked forward to class every week.

Young Adult

I really appreciate the set-up of the class. I feel it's created opportunities I wouldn't have gotten otherwise! I've had lots of growth and I feel I'll benefit for a long time from the growth!

Young Adult

This class was so awesome! The way they approached dating was fun and all centered on Jesus and how to glorify Him through dating.

Young Adult