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Struggling with heartbreak?

Regardless of the source of your relational heartbreak, this page was created to direct you to the FMU posts and videos that could speak best to your situation. Simply click any applicable hyperlink above, or scroll down to read the introductions to the posts most likely to help you.


Got Dumped? Read this before it’s too Late!

Got DumpedDear Dumpee,

I’m sorry.

I’m truly sorry.

I wish that hadn’t happened.

Of course, I’m sure it’s all for the best blah blah blah, but to quote the King James, “It sucketh!”

There it is. I said it. In Authorized King James English.

But more than sympathy, I want to empower you to walk through this time in a way that sets you up for relational success. In fact, how you deal with the aftermath of this romantic disaster can make all the difference in your future, in every area of your life; not just relationships. [Read More]


How To Avoid A Breakup Before You Even Date

[The following is a guest post from Coach Lee, a new acquaintance of mine who helps people get their ex-girl/boyfriend back. Though he usually coaches people after a breakup, for this Date Night Advice (DNA) post he’s going to share how to avoid a breakup before you even date! Yes! You want to read closely! You’re welcome!]

I’m a breakup coach.

That means that I am who you talk to when you have been dumped and want to make your ex miss you and want you back.

I speak to a lot of hurting people. It’s fulfilling because I am able to help the majority get their ex back. However, it can be frustrating because I fear that the emotional and character issues that caused the breakup in the first place may cause another one down the road. [Read More]


Your Boyfriend Caught by Porn? Read this before it’s too Late!

Dear Girlfriend,

So you found out your boyfriend has a thing for pornography.

I’m so sorry.

But I’m glad too.

Sorry it’s true, but glad you know the truth now rather than later.

Because your boyfriend’s porn use directly impacts you. It’s not just a private thing between him and the women in the pictures and the videos. It’s about him and women period. That naturally includes you.

It especially includes you.

And sadly, I know this, not just from reading about it, but from personal experience.

Because I once found myself ensnared by porn.

So my advice is not given lightly. I’m going to be thinking about the counsel I would have wanted shared with my wife back when I was the one seduced by “the forbidden woman.” [Read More]


Why Your Relationships are NOT Working

relationships not workingOf course, I don’t even know you, so the idea that I would know why your relationships aren’t working might come across a bit presumptuous.

Heck, I don’t even know if you’ve ever been in a relationship, but after studying this subject matter for as long as I have, I find the same roadblocks to relational success arise time and time again.

To give you some quick direction as to why your relationships might not be working, here are three important questions to ask yourself… [Read More]


Can You Change Them?

It’s a common situation: you’ve been dating for some time, and the sheen has worn off. A lot. And so you’re wondering, “Should I break up with them?”

But then again, you’ve been dating for so long, and starting over sucks, and you don’t really know if something better will come along anyway, so perhaps you should hang on and hope things will change for the better.


Maybe you can change them.

If you’ve been there, are there, know someone who is there, or don’t want to wind up there this is your post! [Read More]


Can’t Seem to Get Into a Relationship?

Here was the story of my dating life.

Boy meets girl.

Boy falls in love with girl.

Boy does his best to woo girl.

Girl just wants to be friends.


Can you relate?

Fact is, Julie was the first girl to like me back so I married her.

Fortunately we had a whole lot more going for us than mutual attraction. Plus, I had grown in my own relational well-being by my Junior year in college, so I was far more ready for a serious relationship than I was back when I first started longing for one with Sarah Bakely in the 3rd grade.

But if you can relate to my story, here’s a video from our LoveEd YouTube program I think you’ll be glad you watched, even if you don’t wind up in a relationship in seven days.


Why Heartbreak Hurts so Badly

What do you get when you ask folks for their real life first-date horror stories? You get the TOP10 Signs You’re on a Bad First Date. To be sure, laughing at our first-date disappointments sure beats:
A. Beating ourselves up over them
B. Dreaming about beating up our date

But even better, is bettering ourselves by learning from those blunders. And so we come to #5: Your date spends the evening seeking your counsel on how to get over their ex.

Mmmmmm fun! Several issues here. Though maybe not as many as were covered on this particular first date. In this post however, I want to deal with the importance of grieving the loss of a relationship.

First, allow me to share some perspective that might help us see why surviving lost love is easier said than done. [Read More]