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You can date like you know what you’re doing. Check out the book and video series NOW!

HSU-crowdOh wait. You are the leader.

Well in that case, we salute you!

Where do you lead, O captain, my captain?

  • Christian College/University
  • Christian Middle or High School
  • College Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • Young Adults/Professionals Ministry
  • Singles Ministry
  • Family Ministry

If any of the above apply you’re in the right place, because we have a blast sharing practical, Biblical truth about sex, dating and relationships. But more important than what we talk about is why, because at Future Marriage University (FMU) our mission is to empower students and young adults to grow spiritually and date wisely, so they can marry well!

You see, we don’t just deal with the symptoms of relational brokenness (porn, sexual promiscuity, serial dating, sexual identity, romanticide). We begin with the end in mind, believing that God is calling most (not all, but definitely the vast majority) of us to a life-giving, life long marriage.

Does that sound like a noble goal? Then consider what we have to offer you toward that end.





Discipleship Curriculum

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Discussion Series

As you can see, we have content, and as you read we hope you’ll see how we could help you lead your party peeps into relational health and sexual freedom. If we’ve piqued your interest at all, don’t just sit there reading and watching, reach out! See our contact info.


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