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Avery Rash informed her Mother yesterday it was “official.” After 29 days of “seeing each other,” she and her new boyfriend, Blake Tewyoung, have set a wedding date.

Mother, Meghan Rash, who had just dropped off Tewyoung following her daughter’s first official date with him at Sonic, contacted The Relational Reporter with the glad tidings.

“With as certain as they are about their feelings for each other, it hardly made any sense to wait,” declared Mrs Rash, who then clarified, that the two young lovers have a lot to do before the big day, “including graduating from middle school. And high school. After which Avery intends to attend the college where I met my first husband.”

Her daughter added, “Then I’ll probably attend at least eight years of grad school, because I want to be a doctor of something having to do with saving the environment.”

Meanwhile, Blake Tewyoung, who is known in the Rap Indie Pop world as Vanilla Ice Latte, drops his debut single, “Attention Deficit Disco” this Friday. The first world tour is planned for 2023, the year Tewyoung graduates from high school.

So buy the single this Friday and be sure to save the wedding date: May 17, 2036.

The Relational Reporter: unreal stories. real truth. really funny.

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