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You can date like you know what you’re doing. Check out the book and video series NOW!

We believe you can succeed in dating.

And we want to help you.

Success may not look like what you imagined. We can’t promise you’ll date a supermodel.

Actually, we would rather help you prepare for and pursue a super marriage.

Preferably before you ever start dating.

Success may not be what you hoped. Success could be discerning quickly that you need to stop dating someone.

In fact, we’ve broken a lot of couples up.

And they’re really happy about that.

So what defines dating success? Minimizing heartbreak, rejection, and regret, as you prepare for, discern, and walk in God’s will for your dating life. Wherever He leads you.

To that end, this page was designed to direct you to our most helpful posts and videos we’ve produced to empower you to succeed in dating.

Before You Date

How to Get a Date

Identifying “The One”

The Friend Zone

Our #1 Dating Resource

A dating life that leads to a life-giving, lifelong marriage doesn’t happen by accident. You need to know what you’re doing.

That’s why I wrote Date Like You Know What You’re Doing to empower you to:

  • Discern God’s will for your dating life.
  • Avoid heartbreak, rejection, and regret.
  • Date with confidence and clarity.
  • Win the war over sexual temptation.
  • Let your marriage hopes inspire, instead of impede your dating life.

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