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Want to thrive in relationships?

It ain’t easy. And yet, it’s imperative. Because whether you’re looking to scripture or science, healthy, whole, intimate relationships; the kind where you can know deeply and be deeply known; are not optional. They’re essential

And this makes sense. After all, we’re image-bearers of a Creator who has existed for all eternity in perfect relationship with Himself: Father, Son, and Spirit. So, at FMU, we believe:

God desires to draw you into a deep and abiding relationship with Himself, and then to lead you into meaningful relationships with others.

Perhaps one of those other relationships includes a future spouse with whom you can enjoy a life-giving, lifelong marriage.

Sound good to you? Splendid! Because this page was designed to direct you to our most helpful posts and videos we’ve produced to empower you to thrive in relationships.

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