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Want to better understand sex?

Surely no other topic in the world is talked about more and understood less.

On the one hand, sex is promoted as the ultimate life experience you don’t want to die without enjoying. At the same time, sex is downplayed as so inconsequential you ought to be free to enjoy it with whomever, whenever, however. That is, as long as there’s consent. Without consent, a sexual encounter is a gross violation of one’s humanity, but how does this make sense if sexual intimacy is so meaningless?

Would you like to make sense of it all?

Then you’ve come to the right place, because this page was designed to direct you to our most helpful posts and videos we’ve produced to empower you to understand sex from a practical, Biblical perspective.

Sex Secrets & Lies

  • Want to understand what is sex all about? This post introduces you to the 10 Secrets of Sex.
  • Would you like to see through the sexual misconceptions most popular in our culture today? This post shares the five sex lies.
  • Do you doubt God actually cares that much about your sex life? You should know why God cares who you sleep with.
  • Do you know all the things sex has in common with each of the major holidays, from New Year’s Eve to Christmas? What about the things sex has in common with graduation or taxes? Or the Summer Olympics or the World Cup? Or the apocalypse? You never thought about any of that before? If you’re thinking about it now, you should click the link.

Premarital Sex

  • Want to know what the Bible really says about sex before marriage? Check out our LoveEd video series, Premarital Sex & the Scriptures.
  • How could having sex before marriage be as bad as cheating after marriage? We address that query in the post, Are You Already Cheating?
  • Whether you want to save sex for marriage or not, research shows married lovers report more satisfying sex lives than non married lovers. How can that be? We offer three realities about sex that explain why in the post, Sex is More than a Teenage Dream.
  • Convinced you want to pursue sexual purity? We’ve got another Hot Topic resource page for you, dedicated to that!


  • What could be so bad about cohabitation? This post will give some fresh perspective.
  • Doesn’t it make sense to move in together before marriage? We discuss in this post, You Can Move In Together, But…
  • Is eloping better than premarital sex or cohabitation? We give you 15 questions to consider whether to elope or nope.

Sexual Abuse

Homosexuality & Same-Sex Attraction

  • For starters, we believe we all have same-sex needs. They’re just not sexual.
  • Our culture says, “love is love,” but in this post we clarify why all loves are not equal. And why it’s not hateful to admit this, but honest.
  • Should sexual orientation and sexual identity be protected classes like race and color? To address this we must first consider how sex became a religion in the first place.
  • Have you ever wondered why sexual orientation became such a big deal, thinking, “Who cares if they’re gay?” Then this is the post for you.

Sex & Your Self Image

Sexual Compatibility & Marriage