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Register for RELATION^OLOGY in-person high school or young adult classes. Save 30% NOW!

Either this is the umpteenth stop you’ve made to this site or you just dropped in for your first visit. Regardless, our next Saturday Seminar For Singles is THIS SATURDAY!

Is it for you?


Are you single? (Doesn’t matter if you’re dating, engaged or divorced.)

Do you believe that marriage (or remarriage) is probably the biggest decision you’ll make between now and when you die?

Could you stand to benefit from insight from someone who’s been called to spend a substantial part of the last 5 years of their life preparing college and career singles (just like you) for marriage?

If you answered “Yes” to all three of those questions, click here and register NOW: Be Prepared Before You Fall In Love.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:
Session 1: The Single Most Important Relational Skill – How Do You forgive?
Chapter 2: I’m OK. You’re obnoxious. – The Delicate Art of Appreciating Differences
Chapter 3: FIREFIGHTING 101 – How To Cool Down Your Crises
Chapter 4: WHAT’S DRIVING YOUR SEX DRIVE? – What They Didn’t Teach You In Sex Ed
Chapter 5: FIND THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE – What To Do When You Leave Here

We’re going to learn A LOT and we’re going to have a lot of FUN! And even a yummy lunch. That said, EVEN IF YOU’RE PLANNING TO PAY AT THE DOOR PLEASE E-MAIL US AND LET US KNOW YOU’RE COMING, so we can make sure we have your lunch ready.

Hope to see you THIS SATURDAY!