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Is there someone in your life with whom you simply don’t interact… someone you can’t stand… someone for whom the mere mention of their name stands the hair up on the back of your neck?

Did they hurt you?
Reject you?
Take advantage of you?
Ignore you?
Humiliate you?
Slander you?
Steal something from you?
Withhold something they owed you?
Betray you?

Do you think you’ll never be able to forgive them?

Well, what if I told you that if you can’t forgive them your chances of enjoying a healthy life-giving marriage drop precipitously?

This is true for at least two reasons:
#1 Despite your best intentions, you’ll bring that buried bitterness into marriage
#2 It’s likely that one day your partner may very well hurt you just as much.

You’ve heard “nobody’s perfect,” but the reality is really much darker than that. Apart from Christ we’re all just a stone’s throw away from unimaginable selfishness, pride and greed. In short, forgiveness is not only a relational skill you need to be joyfully married. It may very well be THE relational skill you will need if you want to stay married at all.

It would be ambitious to assume that one session of one seminar can teach you how to forgive, but in 45 minutes we will unpack five Biblical realities that can help. In fact, if you can accept these realities like you accept gravity; if you can know these truths like you know your closest friend; if you can embrace them like your dearest love; forgiveness will become as natural to you as breathing.

And who doesn’t like breathing?

Knowing is half the battle, so we hope you’ll come out and join us for our upcoming Saturday Seminar For Singles – Be Prepared Before You Fall In Love.

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