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date like batmanUnlike most superheroes, Batman doesn’t actually have any superpowers. He just has a sharp intellect.

Oh, and the requisite billions necessary to turn his wildest dreams into handy-dandy bat tools with which to save the day.

That, and he has to undergo multiple rounds of intense physical training.

Some love that about Batman while others feel like he’s that guy who doesn’t really belong.

I tell you what. I can relate to that latter feeling. Feeling like I don’t really belong. Especially when it came to the mysterious world of romance.

I’d see the Hulk impressing the ladies by bench pressing the Empire State Building, while Captain America made them swoon with just a flash of his boyish grin. Even that spandex-sporting Spider-Man could wow the women with his upside-down kiss.

But me? The only thing I could get girls to do with their lips is laugh. And that’s no super power.

How about you?

Men: When it comes to the ladies, have you always wanted to be like Superman or Thor (sans the tights or Viking helmet)? What if you have to be more like Batman? What if you have to procure both the right tools and training before you’re ready, not merely to win the right girl’s heart, but to protect it!

Ladies: When it comes to that tall, dark and handsome knight, do you long for the superpower to steal his love, like a string of pearls from an uncrackable safe? Ooops. No one told me it was uncrackable. The perfect body and flirtatious moves might hold a guy’s attention, but what if it took some preparation to learn how to hold a guys heart, without anyone getting hurt? (Yes, Catwoman, even Batman has one of those.)

Where could you go to find those tools? Say, dating advice that’s at once practical, fun and Biblically-based?

Look no further than our dedicated dating page here on our brand new mobile-friendly site! It’s so deliciously good, I’m counting it as my Date Night Advice (DNA) post for this week.

Consider it your Bat Belt (or Cat Collar) directing you to the best posts and videos on dating that Future Marriage University (FMU) has to offer!

  • Dating 101
  • TOP10 Dumbest Reasons to Date
  • Purpose-Driven Dating
  • TOP10 Signs You’re on a Bad First Date
  • How to Know if You’re Ready to Date
  • How to Ask Someone Out
  • How to Enjoy Dating without Freaking Out
  • Great Dates Don’t Happen by Accident

So what are you waiting for? Check out our dedicated dating page here!

Have a dating question or issue not addressed on that page? Share your thoughts or questions in the comment section below!

DNA: It’s What’s For Dating

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