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Don’t drink and date.

No, I’m not recommending dehydration. Enjoy water, juice or soft drinks.

I’m talking about alcohol.

I know. I’m no fun.

I’d rather see you enjoy healthy relationships than have fun.

Actually, I had a blast dating and I never touched the stuff. You can too.

Fun comes and goes. Healthy relationships grow and grow. (Did you notice that rhymed?) And…

In the long run, healthy relationships are far more fun than a beer buzz, without any of the side effects.

Aren’t I the terrible no-good very-bad party pooper?

Well maybe, but regardless, for your enjoyment I present the TOP10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Date!

#10: Alcohol impairs judgment and don’t you want your wits about you when you’re considering whether the person you’re dating is someone you want to get to know better, or get far far away from?

Yes you do.

#9: You want to know whether you truly feel relaxed around your date, or if it’s just the rita.

#8: Alcohol is expensive.

#7: You don’t want to run into your date the following week and have them thank you for the teeth marks you left in their shoulder blade. As they show them off to their friends in front of you.

#6: Two Words: Beer Goggles. (Research shows that the perceived quantity of attractive members of the opposite sex in the room increases with the quantity of alcohol you’ve consume.)

#5: Five Words You Don’t Want to Say the Next Morning: “I don’t remember what happened.”

#4: If you depend on alcohol to get through your dating life now, you may find yourself depending on alcohol to get through your marriage in the future. Not a standard you want to set.

#3: Drinking says something about you. Depending on your date that “something” might be good or bad. Regardless, why not let your mouth do the talking.

#2: Speaking of talking: slurred speech is NOT a turn on.

#1: Two final words: Date Rape (Alcohol is actually the most popular date rape drug. And in this case, popularity is NOT a good thing.)

So enjoy your date instead of your drink
And you can have fun while you can still think
(another rhyme)

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