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I wrote this hoping you don’t miss “The One.”

Because before we finish our lineup of the nine Mr./Ms. Wrongs you do not want to date, we need to remember the wrong person isn’t the only one who’s difficult to recognize.

The right person can be just as hard to spot! In fact, I see healthy, intelligent people make this mistake all the time. They could be staring right at someone who’d be perfect for them!

  • Someone who is attractive
  • Someone who loves God more than chocolate
  • Someone who has thriving relationships with family and friends
  • Someone who thinks of other’s interests ahead of their own
  • Someone who is fun to be around and yet growing in maturity

A dating prospect could be all that and more, yet the person who should be dating them doesn’t recognize their marriage potential. They just see the person as a friend.

And I’ve no room to judge! I once gave my wife the “friends talk.”

But don’t you judge either! Because I could be talking about YOU!

Are Your Expectations for “The One” Realistic?

You might already know “The One,” someone with whom you could build a fantastic relationship that could lead to a life-giving, lifelong marriage, but they simply don’t look like the person you thought you would marry:

  • They aren’t a supermodel.
  • They lack the obvious charm of the protagonist from a Hallmark movie.
  • They don’t have a big enough social media following.
  • They make less money than you do.
  • They are allergic to peanuts. And cats. And home improvement shows.
  • They fall outside your ideal parameters for height and weight.

Even worse, sometimes “The One” may have all the above—and check even more important boxes—but if the relationship doesn’t begin with the perfect “meet cute” Hollywood has conditioned us to demand, they aren’t “The One” we’re looking for.

With that perspective, I encourage you to mind your expectations and keep your heart wide open to who God might have you marry. Unless you discover the person you’re interested in (or already) dating is one of these nine Mr. or Ms. Wrongs. Then part ways clearly, but kindly.

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A dating life that leads to a life-giving, lifelong marriage doesn’t happen by accident. You need to know what you’re doing.

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