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One of my favorite books was written by a doctor… Dr. Suess. It’s called Green Eggs & Ham and if you’ve never read it before, it’s about this door-to-door breakfast salesman named Sam-I-Am that tries to get this unnamed consumer to try green eggs & ham. And just like you, if offered green eggs & ham, the target of Sam-I-Am’s persistant sales pitch resists all the way up until the end when he finally tries the dish. (I won’t spoil the ending.)

My wife, Julie, and I are keenly aware that most single adults think about marriage education like green eggs and ham. They’ve never had it before, they’re not even really sure what it is, but they already know they won’t like it. And so most singles won’t seek out information on marriage until they think they’ve found the love of their life and have to go through pre-marital counseling.

We think it’s safe to say at this juncture that this 11th-hour strategy isn’t working. In fact, only 52% of marriages will make it to the 15th anniversary.*

That’s why my wife and I want to prepare singles for the awesome calling of marriage AHEAD OF TIME, because we feel like anyone old enough to be planning for their future career might consider preparing for their future marriage just as diligently.

That said, our 1-day saturday seminar for singles is LESS than 2 weeks away. We’ve taken some of the highlights from our 14-wk Marriage Ed singles class and distilled them down into a 5-hour seminar which includes lunch. We can’t make it any simpler than that. Fact is, marriage isn’t simple, but if marriage is an awesome calling, why should it be?

So, if you’re a single adult reading this right now, and we’ve piqued your interest, check out the video promo above, check out what other singles, just like you, have said about our teaching here –> and prayerfully consider registering.

If you already know you need to be there Nov 3, go ahead and sign up right now here –>

And finally, if you know somebody that should consider this, why don’t you pray for them right now. Then after praying, send them the link to this site with a note of encouragement. And then pray some more.

We know a marriage class for singles sounds weird… kind of like green eggs and ham. We hear that all the time, but to paraphrase Sam-I-Am:

You don’t like it… so you say.
Try it and you may.
Try it and you may, I say.

Looking forward to seeing you November 3 at the Factory in Franklin, TN.