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DNA-Sex common summerNo matter where this Summer day takes you, take a moment sometime, pour yourself a tall glass of ice cold lemonade and contemplate the TOP5 Things Sex has in common with Summer. And when you have time, check out a hyperlink or two and go deeper.

#5: Heat

No, not every sexual encounter is hot, but then neither is every Summer day. And thank goodness, because we’re grateful for the cooler days when they come.

In contrast, our culture indoctrinates us in the belief that sex should be hot every time (we call it Type-A Sex), and many postponing the privilege of sexual intercourse for marriage downright expect it to be so. However, that raises an important question few think to ask: from where do we get our ideas of what hot sex is supposed to look like?

#4: Women’s Underwear

Of course, there’s a reason why the underwear section of the men’s department consists of one little aisle, while women’s underwear gets an entire department all to itself. Complete with a fancy name: Intimates. Not to mention the multiple store chains that sell nothing, but women’s underwear.

Clearly women like fancy underwear and men like seeing them in it.

But the summertime is when the ladies can actually don their underwear out in public. Of course, we call them bikinis, but they cover the same amount of skin as underwear. Sometimes less.

I’m not pointing fingers. I’m pointing out a fact.

And long as I’m pointing out facts, here’s another one: those booty shorts may cover more than underwear, but they still don’t keep one’s booty from hanging out of the “bottom” of them.

#3: They’re Sweaty

Do I have to go into detail?


Well, alright.

Wear extra deodorant.

Next up…

#2: No Class

The way our culture alternatively trivializes and glorifies sexuality is like school in the summertime: NO CLASS.

Many accuse the church of putting a negative spin on sex, but scripture presents the human body as the crowning achievement of God’s creative work, and sexual intercourse, a profoundly spiritual gift that symbolizes and facilitates this amazing thing called oneness. Where’s the negativity in that?

The negativity comes when we reduce sex to a marketing tool; enslaving us to our lusts so we can be manipulated into buying things. Or worse, when we exalt our sexuality to the preeminent aspect of our identity; defining us as mere sexual animals instead of image-bearers of a God who is spirit. Romans 1 couldn’t make it clearer.

#1: They Lead to Labor Day

In the US, Labor Day comes at the end of Summer.

But there’s a whole different kind of labor day that comes at the end of a healthy pregnancy. And pregnancy generally begins with sex. That’s why if you’re not ready to care for a child, I’d beg you to consider whether you’re ready to engage in the divine act that could produce one.

Keep all this in mind the next time you’re feeling frisky. In fact, if friskiness is a temptation for you, try this one single sex boundary that just might work: keep things out in the open.

If you want to grow in sexual freedom, which requires learning the art of self-control, click any of the hyperlinks above, or check out one of these Hot Topic pages on our all-new, mobile-friendly website:

Or if you prefer watching video, check out our LoveEd YouTube series: TOP10 Benefits of Saving Sex for Marriage.

DNA: It’s What’s For Dating

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