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Find out how far ABOVE and BEYOND our God went  since our annual fundraising event!

We hope our Date Night Advice (DNA) blog can be an oasis of truth and beauty in the relational dessert that is our culture.

However, with over 300 posts on tap, a new visitor may wonder where to begin.

How about starting with the TOP5 most read posts of last year?

It could also prove a fine refresher for even the most-seasoned DNA veteran.

Touching on the topics of dating, pornography, love and intimacy, there’s something here for everyone who cares about growing healthy relationships, so without further adieu away we go:

#5: Don’t Date Like a Dummy

There’s probably a reason why this post has made it’s way into our TOP5 three out of the last four years. Maybe it’s that good.

You’ll have to be the judge of that.

Here’s what is certain: this piece proffers an overview of the 38 posts in the TOP10 Dumbest Reasons to Date, a DNA series that eventually inspired our popular Purpose Driven Dating curriculum. Check out this post and make sure none of your reasons for dating are on this list. Or ignore the post pay the consequences.

[Click to Read: Don’t Date Like a Dummy]

#4: Kicking Porn where the Sun Don’t Shine

I’ve written quite a few articles on how I broke free from this o-so-ancient of vices, which has now reached an o-so-unprecedented place of anonymous availability, making it the defalut-vice-of-choice of millions.

However, this is the only one of those posts which has remained in our TOP5 every year since I wrote it. In fact, regardless of the topic, it’s the only DNA post that’s landed in our TOP5 the last three years in a row.

If you are tired of your love-hate so-called relationship with porn, this is your post.

[Click to Read: Kicking Porn where the Sun Don’t Shine]

#3: LOVE is NOT Something You Earn

What would you say of a piece which you wrote in 2014…

…yet never landed in the TOP10 most read posts until two years later (2016)…

…and then moved up into the TOP5 the following year?

A post that was ahead of it’s time, perhaps?

Maybe it’s because this article doesn’t just state the obvious (“Of course you can’t earn something that must be freely given! Duh!”), but attempts to get to the bottom of why we actually prefer to earn love over simply receiving it.

Have you ever considered why you sometimes feel compelled to try and earn love instead of simply receiving it?

[Click to Read: LOVE is NOT Something You Earn (Love Part 2)]

#2: Why Porn and I are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

The previous post on porn in our TOP5 (see #4 above) speaks to those who are already fed up with their porn habit and want out. Like right now. However, despite their desperation, they feel they just can’t kick the habit.

This post is speaking more to those who haven’t quite made up their mind yet. They kind of want to stop. But maybe tomorrow. Or next week. Or (and this is my favorite) after they get married, (because, of course, their ex-porn star spouse will fulfill every one of their fantasies with performances three times every night).

Are you kind of on the fence? Well then consider reading this piece and see if I’m making sense.

Believe it or not, freedom which will eventually dwarf all the pleasure porn ever delivered, awaits you.

[Click to Read: Why Porn and I are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together]

#1: Imperative Questions Only Intimacy can Answer

Originally published in 2014, I revamped and republished this piece last year. Apparently that was a good idea, because prior to that, this post never even made it into our TOP10.

Now here it is, three years later, our #1 most read post of 2017. More than that, this post garnered close to double the unique pages views in 2017 than the previous year’s #1 most read post.

See what all the fuss is about when it comes to this critical piece in our Relation^ology series, which shares truth for thriving in relationships.

[Click to Read: Imperative Questions Only Intimacy can Answer]

Hope you enjoy these hot hot posts, because it’s a lonely relational desert out there! So consider weekly visits to our Future Marriage University website as an investment in your relational health: first with God, then with the important people in your life right now, and then (if God so leads) maybe with “that special someone.”

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