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Marriage Ed is in the midst of a vital revamp including a new name and new marketing approach.


Because at our last Marriage Ed Saturday Seminar for Singles over half of our attendees admitted they didn’t want to come to the seminar. Let me say that again. At least HALF of those that DID come to the seminar didn’t WANT to come before they came. In fact, one of those attendees was on their way to play golf instead, but fnally turned the car around, went back home, changed clothes and came to our seminar (and made it on time, by the way)!

Do half of all Coke drinkers not really want to drink it? Do half the people that attend a certain movie not want to see it? Do half the people that get married not want to get married? (We’re not talking about whether they want to stay married.)

The rest of the story is that every person that confessed their reservations, wound up very very very glad they came. (Could that have been you?) God spoke to them; touched them; broke through to them. Funny… that’s what we prayed for.

Speaking of praying, will you pray for us? Because if you’ve gotten anything out of our classes, seminars (sessions available for download right now) or the information here on the website you probably suspect we’re on to something. (In fact our original car video that lays out the basic premise behind Marriage Ed has now been viewed over 1,000 times now.) Singles need to prepare for marriage AHEAD OF TIME… even starting back in high school. Premarital counseling simply comes to late for many lovesick lovebirds.

But how can we get college and career singles to not only wake up and recognize, but actually embrace the need to equip themselves ahead of the passion of love? How could we get YOU to come to our next seminar? Any ideas? We’d welcome them! Please e-mail us at

And watch for what we do next. We might just take the Love Boat stage show on the road. OK, maybe not. Buck & Sasha may take their show to ABC Family (check out the outtakes video above). OK, that probably won’t happen either, but you watch. We’re going to do something big. Something unbelievable. Something that might bring Elvis out of retirement… or Michael Jackson back from the dead… or maybe even prepare millions of smart singles for success in marriage and life.

Pray… give us your thoughts if you have any… and then pray some more. Hey… we’re praying for you.