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Find out how far ABOVE and BEYOND our God went  since our annual fundraising event!

Will God tell you who to marry? Even before you date? Maybe even before you meet?

Many believe God did that for them. However, not all those stories have happy endings.

So how can you be certain you heard from God? We discuss in this sixth episode in our LoveEd series, Hot Topics Handled with Care!

If You Believe God has Told You Who to Marry, READ THIS BEFORE YOU TELL ANYONE!

Many Christian couples believe God told them who they would marry before they ever dated. Sort of like God’s call to marriage at first sight.

However, here is the indisputable reality among Christians who believe God told them who they would marry before they ever dated (or even met) their partner:

  • Some are happily married today. (Does this prove “thus saith the Lord?”)
  • Some are miserable in their marriage today. (Is that what God wanted?)
  • Some are divorced today. (Did God tell them to get divorced too?)
  • Some never married. (Because the dating relationship didn’t work out.)
  • Some never even dated. (Because God never told the other person.)

I even know some people personally who have had several different individuals claim to be God’s marital choice for them. (Does God bless polygamy now?)

My point is this: while the kind of love that can sustain a lifelong, sacrificial relationship like marriage may be intense and driven by devotion, it’s never rash and never driven by hormones and impulses. (Remember 1 Corinthians 13: Love is patient!)

That said, I believe God may well tell some who they will marry before they date. And maybe He’ll do that with you.

However, even if you believe God has revealed His marital will for you early on in a relationship (or before), He will not be the least bit offended if you want to take the time to get to know the person before you get engaged. Further, taking the time to seek clarity through His word, as well as the counsel and prayers of those you look up to in the faith, could not possibly upset Him.

This behavior does not demonstrate a lack of faith. It demonstrates wisdom! (That’s one of God’s preferred love languages.)

[The above post is an excerpt right from Date Like You Know What You’re Doing: Your DatePrep Guide. Here are other excerpts from the same book. Check out the book and video curriculum here!]