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Captain America wants you to learn from his mistake.

What mistake is that, you ask?

Saving nude images on his phone.

In case you missed it, last weekend Captain America star, Chris Evans, shared on his Instagram story what began as an innocent video of him playing Heads Up! But at the tail end of that story, viewers were given a quick glance at a couple pics he had saved on his phone which he apparently did not intend to share. One of which, embarrassingly enough, was a picture of a rather sensitive part of the male anatomy.

The most sensitive part, in fact.

Once Evans realized what he had done, he took the video down, but not before many villains (presumably working for Hydra) had screenshot, saved, and shared the same pic. Not by accident, mind you, but on purpose.

So what is on your phone?

Do you have any pics saved like that? Either porn you’ve searched for, or images others have sexted you, or pictures you’ve taken of yourself.

Chris’s experience makes this reality clear:






Not even if you’re an Avenger.

Truth is, any of us could accidentally share a couple pics we didn’t mean to at the end of an Instagram story. Unless we never take pictures like that. And never save any. And so that’s what I’m urging you to do.

Man of God, I don’t care how proud you are of what the good Lord endowed you with. Let your pride be tempered with dignity. In the words of Cap, “Son, just don’t.”

Attention, precious daughter of the King! Yes, your body is a thing of beauty, but one you should guard with prudence and present with modesty. (Chris Evans put it evermore crassly in another pic shared on his phone.)

I know in today’s world nearly 27% of teens receive sexts and around 15% are sending them, but I’m begging you – and Captain America is warning you – don’t take or receive, much less save any nude pictures of you or anyone.

Am I trying to say we should be ashamed of the human body?

No! Your body is many things, but “shameful” is not one of them.

Indeed, it is because your body is so precious – especially the sexual part of your body – that for anyone to abuse it is a grievous sin. Not only against you, but against the Creator of your body. In the same way, it is because your body is so holy – especially the sexual part of your body – that you shouldn’t be “sharing it” with just anybody.

So let’s learn from Chris “Captain America” Evans. Keep your computer nude-free, because…

At the end of the day, integrity is a better shield than one made of vibranium.

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