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Awe[We interrupt our normally scheduled programming on sex, dating and relationships to bring you this special holiday presentation… but if you really want something on sex read this, something on dating read this or something on relationships read this.]


It’s a word more likely to be used in conjunction with kittens (“Awe! Aren’t they adorable?”) than with God.

But at Christmastime surely we celebrate the most awe-inspiring moment in history: the God of creation actually entering into His creation.

Theologians call it the incarnation, and it is profoundly moving when you think of it, because Christ’s birth gives witness to two diametrically opposed characteristics of God.

Our God is at the same time both infinite and intimate.

As infinite, God is without limit in all manner of reckoning, including knowledge, power and love. Indeed, He is so infinite He could actually accomplish a feat as unimaginable as becoming a fully human fetus in the womb of a virgin.

And yet God condescends not merely to reveal himself to us, but to humble Himself and serve and even sacrifice for us. Then in the face of our indifference He still pursues an intimate relationship with us.

Our God is infinite and yet intimate.

It’s a paradox you could only get your arms around completely if you were God. And yet with the way our culture has trivialized the Christmas story and season we can so easily forget.

It was this reality that inspired me to write this Christmas song: In Awe*. I hope these lyrics reignite a little more awe this Christmas for you.

The God who birthed creation with His firm command
Now is born into that world as His own home.
By faith a man believes, but cannot understand
How the God he’s never seen could be His own.
The God we’ve never see can be our own.

The God who breathed life into the heart of man,
Now cries out with His first breath from the womb.
By faith, a girl believes, but cannot understand
How this child could breathe again after the tomb.
This child will breathe again after the tomb!

In awe before our God!
He is intimate and yet infinite!
In awe before our God!
He is infinite and yet intimate!

The God who holds the stars in his mighty hand,
Now embraced in the arms of a girl.
By faith wise men believe, but cannot understand
How the child that she conceived could save the world.
The child that she conceived will save the world!

In awe before our God!
He is intimate and yet infinite!
In awe before our God!
He is infinite and yet intimate!

Merry Christmas from Julie and me and our kiddos. If you’d like to join us in saving marriages before they fall in love, please consider a year-end tax-deductible donation to Future Marriage University Inc.

(*Words & Music by Michael Johnson © 2015 – RAHJah Music)

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