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Marriage Log: Day 5,090

My mom gave me a marriage book Christmas of my Junior year in college.

My mom was always giving me books… and she was always one step ahead. I got the “Exciting changes are about to happen to your body” book before I hit puberty. The “you’re going to start liking girls” book before I started dating. And got the “be ready to be on your own” book before I left for college.

Still, I wasn’t very excited to get a book on marriage when I wasn’t even dating anyone. Almost seemed like reading a book on becoming a millionaire when I didn’t even have a job.

But I read the book over Christmas break anyway and I loved it… and less than 30 days later I was dating the woman I’ve now been married to almost 14 years.

God’s funny.

Could you meet your future spouse less than 30 days after a marriage seminar for singles? Maybe, maybe not.

Fact is, that book allowed me to see marriage in a light I’d never considered. I saw my own parent’s marriage in that book. (I even left the book for my parents to read. I don’t know if they read it or not.) It laid a foundation on which my girlfriend and I built the relationship we share now as a married couple.

And it was that experience back in Dec ’91, that inspired the whole idea for this Saturday seminar for singles Nov ‘07.

If you get a fraction out of this seminar that I got out of that book, you’ll be glad you came. And who knows… maybe you DO meet your future spouse less than 30 days afterwards.