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imagesIt’s a gr8 time to talk about #8 of the TOP10 Dumbest Reasons to D8: Just for fun.

What? Huh? Fun – Bad? What’s wrong with fun?

Well nothing’s wrong with fun. I couldn’t imagine my college experience at Baylor without the crazy dating memories!

My first date with Julie (now my wife) was to see the movie that paved the way for the Twilight series. Of course I’m referring to the classic romantic comedy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Kowabunga, dude!)

My most over-the-top dating experience took place doubling with a friend of a friend. I was impressed when we were picked up in a Jag. I was confused when we wound up at the Waco airport. And I was stunned when we boarded a small prop plane and flew to Austin for dinner. Turned out the guy with whom I was doubling was a private pilot for a lawyer who lent us his car and plane for the night. (Thanks again to that lawyer, wherever you are.)

When it came to the big campus events, I even had fun with the date invitations. For homecoming, I asked my date out with a rap delivered in the middle of Itza Pizza, one of the on-campus dining establishments. Brenda* was slightly embarrassed at the time, but later said, “Yes.” But only after she managed to get out of a prior engagement. (See what a creative invite can do for you, gentlemen?)

After the invitation was accepted, then I had a blast planning the date. For Amanda,* I planned a “Mission Impossible” style scavenger hunt in which we obtained the various food items and dining accoutrements for our dinner from obscure hiding places and “random” passersby across campus.

On another date with Julie, I told her to dress formal. I showed up in my tux and then treated her to a candlelit dinner for two at McDonald’s. HEY THERE, before you call me cheap, know I didn’t forget to bring the fine china, sterling silver and linen tablecloth. Oh and then we hit the Baylor basketball game. (Won the award for “Best Dressed Couple.”)

But the most intricate scheme I ever endeavored to pull off was the Total Recall date, inspired by the sci fi flick staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It involved a cast of several friends posing as government agents and nefarious criminals. After accepting my date invitation, Danielle* started receiving TOP SECRET packages and had to carry out clandestine missions that would cause her to question “who I really was.” One minute it would seem like I was working for the US government. The next minute a spy.

On the day of our big date, we were to wind up at the intramural fields where we would suddenly be caught in the middle of an epic gun battle until – just in the nick of time – we’d be whisked away in a black sedan for our evening together. (Keep in mind, this was before people were actually shooting people on school campuses.)

Sadly, the carefully choreographed mêlée on the intramural fields never took place.

I guess you could say the Total Recall date – well –wound up being recalled.

What happened? Did the Baylor police receive an anonymous tip? Was Danielle* a pacifist? Did she fall for one of my friends posing as a sleeper agent?

Tune in next week, as we question the motive of dating “just for fun.”

In the meantime, feel free to share your favorite fun date idea.

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* Not their real names. Hey. If it were you, you’d want to be anonymous too.