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I’m going to tell you how to get a girlfriend (or boyfriend) by Christmas. Something I’ve never done before in blog form.

I usually only deliver what I’m about to share in live speaking engagements where I’m being paid, because of course, information like this is highly sought-after.

And priceless.

It’s timeless too! In other words, this strategy can work any time of the year. (I usually share it as the secret to getting married in seven days.) So you don’t need a national holiday. Christmas just makes a perfect “due date.” (Plus you get to show off; I mean you get to introduce your special someone to family and friends over the holidays.)

There’s Good News & Bad News

Before we get to it, you need to know a couple things up front about this little formula for relationship status change.

First the good news: what I am about to share isn’t difficult. To the contrary, it’s incredibly simple; both simple to understand and simple to implement. Even a middle school student can do it. And many of them do do it every day. Intuitively even.

Indeed, millions of people of all ages have followed this prescription for guaranteed relational results;  some over and over again. And, just like the middle schoolers, more often than not without consciously realizing what they are doing. Of course…

If those who practiced this method for procuring a significant other understood what they were doing, no one would pay me to explain it, and you would have no need to read this post.

But now the bad news: this strategy for landing a boyfriend or girlfriend will prove extremely costly. Not necessarily financially, but definitely costly in terms of your relational, emotional, and spiritual health. And some find it costs them physically.

If you’re lucky, it may not cost much up front, but it always does on the back end. Always.

However, it must be worth the cost, because, again, millions will do it this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Now Here’s the Secret

OK, enough of the fine print. Here’s all you need to do to get a girlfriend (or boyfriend) by Christmas.

Are you ready?

It’s just three little words: Lower your standards.

That’s it.

Nothing left to say.

Use the LYS (Lower Your Standards) method for dating and you not only can, you will get a significant other. And, if you want, you can even marry them. All by Christmas.

It could even happen in as little as seven days. Guaranteed.

Because this world is filled with some incredibly lonely people who believe with all their heart that a romantic relationship will right all that’s wrong with their life. I’m talking about desperate people who will be willing to lower their standards as well (if necessary) to have you as their own.

Regardless, by Christmas you’ll be theirs, and they yours.

You’re welcome.

This Post is Really a Warning!

Maybe you’re not satisfied with this solution to your single situation.

If so, WONDERFUL! That is a sign of your good sense.

Perhaps, you think I’m just having a little fun at the expense of those who still fall for clickbait. However, there you would be quite wrong. I told you I’d reveal a formula for getting a girlfriend (or boyfriend) by Christmas and I did.

And as I said, the LYS method is an insanely popular strategy for finding a significant other, even though those who practice it often times don’t consciously recognize the compromises they’re making in order to get what they (think they) want. In the same way, no one adds up how much this way of approaching relationships costs them in their relational, emotional, and spiritual health (and, if they’re willing to lower their standards enough to endure abuse: even physical health).

So though it works…

Not only do I want you to avoid practicing this prevalent method for securing a significant other, I want you to be on the lookout for when you see those you care about practice it.

And when you spot the LYS method in action, be a good friend and urge them to reconsider! It’s not worth it!

It’s like settling for salt water just because you’re thirsty. It only leaves you thirsting for more. Until you die of thirst, regardless of how much you drink. Now that I’ve described it that way, maybe you can think of someone you know who’s standard-lowering habits are draining the life out of them. Maybe that someone has been you.

Lowering your standards just to have a romantic partner is like settling for Monopoly money just to have a salary. It doesn’t matter how many of those gold $500 bills you accumulate, they’ll only pay your rent in the board game. But it’s no game people play when they accept less than what their loving God would want for their relationship life, just so they can have a special someone here on earth to call their own.

Better than an Instant Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)

Though this post likely didn’t deliver what you were hoping for, my prayer is that it opened your eyes to a dangerous temptation to which many succumb in their desire for a relationship. Again, many without consciously realizing what they’re doing. Some will even use the LYS method to secure a marriage partner!

That said, since you’ve read this far I want to offer you something of far greater value than whatever it is you think you’ll get from a girlfriend or boyfriend.

You probably know (and maybe have even experienced personally) that when people win a significant other, a lot of their time is spent:

That’s clearly not you right now (or you wouldn’t be reading this post), but what about this idea:

What if you endeavored to take the same amount of time you’d spend with a significant other this holiday season and invest it in preparing yourself for a dating life that’s more likely to lead to a life-giving, life-long marriage?

Sound crazy?

It’s no less crazy than trying to get a girlfriend or boyfriend by Christmas. And truthfully, it makes a whole lot more sense than that.

If you’re game, you can begin by either clicking one of the hyperlinks above or by heading on over to our Hot Topic page dedicated to healthy dating. Yes, I said healthy dating.

Who knows. Maybe you could have a girlfriend or boyfriend by next Christmas season. Without lowering your standards.

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