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Marriage Log: 5,094

We’ve been registering folks for our Saturday seminar for singles at our church. And last Sunday we had several more sign up, but there was one in particular I remember well. She approached our table at the back reluctantly. She filled out her registration awkwardly. And as she was writing her check, I heard her say under her breath, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Why did she say that? Well, probably because she was wrestling with one or more of these thoughts:

Thought #1: I don’t need this. I can figure out marriage on my own.

Does anyone think this way about their career? “I don’t need to go to classes or seminars for my career. I got this thing. I can do it.” And which is more important: career or marriage?!?!

You do need this, but not because there’s something deficient in your personal makeup. EVERYONE needs to prepare for marriage ahead of time because marriage is HARD. It can be WONDERFUL, but it WILL be hard!

Objection #2: I’ve got other plans this Saturday.

US TOO! In fact, our son, Holt, just had another soccer game scheduled for this Saturday… and I’m his coach! Actually, we could be spending the entire day with our family… or doing yard work or running errands. We’re not doing this seminar because we want to spend 5 hours away from our kids. Instead, it’s because we love our family so much that we feel COMPELLED to help others prepare to start (or in the case of divorced singles, restart) their own families.

Objection #3: I’m not even sure I want to be married.

GREAT! We’re not sure you’re suppose to be married either. Part of the point of understanding marriage (“getting marriage”) is discerning if it’s a calling for you or not. Plus, this seminar is as much about understanding God and His will as it is understanding marriage, because we believe these understandings are all entwined.

Objection #4: Honestly… I’m afraid to come to something like this.

Then you need to come more than anybody. We don’t even know the fears that are bound up inside you in regards to marriage, but we know who does. And that God has called us to speak to singles just like you. We believe He has CALLED us to speak HOPE and PEACE and LIFE into your heart and soul. That doesn’t sound so scarry, does it?

Objection #5: Am I really going to get something useful out of this? How do I know Michael and Julie really have something to say to me?

Well, over the last 4 years, we’ve taken 6 different groups of singles through a 14-wk course on marriage. We’ve had single people (just like you) in our home laughing, crying, dreaming, sharing, hoping, believing, and LEARNING. You can see what some of those people have said about our teaching here ->

So, what’s your objection? Even if you feel like the young woman above (“I don’t believe I’m doing this.”) JUST DO IT! If you’re still on the edge and have ANY lingering questions, E-MAIL US at:! And if you think you’re called to come this Saturday, go ahead and make it official and register at this link ->

Looking forward to THIS Saturday. OH! And come at 9:30, because we’ll start at 10 AM sharp.