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Starting this year, I’ve been posting Date Night Advice (DNA) every weekend up on the FMU Facebook page, but thought I’d begin doing that here on my FMU Website blog instead, so for starters: here’s the first few DNA posts. Let us know if any of them are particularly helpful or if you’d like a little clarification on the implications of any of them.

Jan 21, 2012 -Date Night Advice: Got a date this weekend? Remember Jesus is right there with you. If when you read that you immediately thought, “Yeah, I better make sure I’m not doing anything I’d be ashamed for Him to see!” let me encourage you to THINK BIGGER! God isn’t a cosmic cop. He’s a Heavenly Father. He doesn’t want to keep you from having fun. He wants to help you TRULY LIVE! (Do you believe that?) He wants to help you understand your date, serve them in a way that doesn’t just keep them pure, but actually blesses them. He KNOWS your date. He can help you pick up on things nobody else would know to point out. He knows what you like too. He LOVES HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and wants to guide you into MANY!

Jan 13, 2012 -Date Night Advice: Got a date this weekend? WATCH your date’s character. Don’t just listen to what they SAY about themselves. Pay attention to how they treat you and others. And as you listen to them make note of how they talk about others. Are they critical or gracious, shallow or deep? And while you’re at it, consider your own character. How much does the image you want to present on a date accurately reflect the person you are at work, in the car or at home? If there’s a credibility gap, prayerfully seek out a friend (NOT a potential mate) who could encourage and hold you accountable in becoming the person you want to be (and likely the person God wants you to become).

January 6, 2012 – Date Night Advice: Got a date this weekend? Set a goal ahead of time to get to know a couple things about your date’s past experiences, present beliefs, or future hopes. Not only will this intentionality help you to really get to know your date, focusing on relational intimacy can help you avoid the temptation of sexual intimacy. And don’t set a bunch of goals – no more than a handful. If you try to cover too many questions, your date can feel more like a counseling session or an interrogation. Instead, see which topic your date seems interested in sharing and go as deep as it feels natural to do so. And if your date doesn’t have much to say about anything, then talk to a trusted friend about your experience afterward. Maybe this person isn’t the right one for a second date. Even if they are hot or funny.

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