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Should you be hooking up? Ask Dr. Donna Freitas who surveyed hundreds of college co-eds who were busy doing it.

Or if you can’t ask her (and don’t have the time to read her book) ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many past lovers will your future spouse have to compete with in bed?
  2. How many of THEIR past lovers will YOU have to compete with?
  3. And how will all this competition impact your sex life in marriage?

We talk about all of that as we present #7 of the TOP10 Benefits of Saving Sex for Marriage in the video above.

How Fun Is Hooking Up, Really?

As it turns out, when it comes to the “sexual freedom” indulged in on a regular basis by students immersed in the hookup culture, immediate gratification isn’t all that gratifying.

In fact, research conducted by Dr. Donna Freitas reveals that the majority of students hooking up on college campuses today don’t actually feel all that great about it, using words like “dirty,” “used,” “empty,” and “regretful” to describe their last sexual experience.

Granted that only includes a slight majority of males, so almost half of the guys are having the theoretical time of their lives, but prior to reading Dr. Freitas’s research, I would have assumed almost 100% of at least the male college students would have nothing but praise for hooking up.

At the end of the day, you need to decide who you’re going to trust:

  • Cultural propaganda or the Creator’s word
  • Fleeting passions or faithful principles
  • Your limited experience or the experience of adults who have “been there done that” (or perhaps the experience of college students in an unbiased research study)

If you would like an entire book filled with the kind of practical, Biblical wisdom on sex, dating, and relationships you just finished reading, you can get it NOW! The above post is an excerpt from Date Like You Know What You’re Doing: Your DatePrep Guide. Here are other excerpts from the same book.

A dating life that leads to a life-giving, lifelong marriage doesn’t happen by accident. You need to know what you’re doing.

That’s why I wrote Date Like You Know What You’re Doing to empower you to:

  • Discern God’s will for your dating life.
  • Avoid heartbreak, rejection, and regret.
  • Date with confidence and clarity.
  • Win the war over sexual temptation.
  • Let your marriage hopes inspire, instead of impede your dating life.

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