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vlcsnap-2016-02-13-17h26m46s132So I’m at a singles conference talking with this guy. He’s telling me about a relationship with this girl whom he had dated years ago, but after being treated poorly by her things fell apart.

Now, years later, she’s come back around and they’re dating again and he’s wondering what I think about that.

So I asked him what I ask everyone in situations like these:

“What do the people who know you best and love you most think about this relationship.”

That question might sound like a cop-out to you, but truth is, the people who personally know and love this guy are going to have a far more objective view of his relationship than he does… and far more information on the relationship than I could ever get from a five-minute summary.

His response to my question was telling. He stood their awkwardly as he tried to explain that they didn’t yet know this relationship had been renewed.

“You haven’t told them this girl is back in your life?”

“They wouldn’t understand.”

“And I, a virtual stranger, would?!”

NO! I didn’t actually say that. I just thought it.

What I did eventually say was:

“If I were you, I would care more about the opinion of the people who I believed knew and loved me the best, than some guy I heard speak at a conference.”

This guy wasn’t an idiot, but he wasn’t thinking clearly. That’s what the chemicals of love will do to you.

That’s why we all need platonic relationships with faithful and wise friends who will help us with the complicated, romantic relationships.

Do you know a guy like this? Not in the same situation, but with the same need for a hard truth spoken in love.

Have you wanted some help in reaching out to him?

That’s why we started producing something we call MAN2MAN memos. Each MAN2MAN memo addresses common relationship conundrums with fresh perspective, simple insight and a generous helping of fun.

Maybe you know that guy who says he isn’t really serious with a girl, when it looks like he really is? This is his MAN2MAN memo!

On the other hand, you might know that guy who has not one, but several girls who think they might have something going on with him (or thought they might have had).

But he wants to know why guys and girls can’t just be friends. Of course they can, but this MAN2MAN memo will help him understand why he needs to exercise greater care in those relationships.

Or maybe you know that guy who already knows the right girl, but won’t seem to make a move. It’s not just that they would “look cute together” (although they might), but because they are both on mission with God, mature enough to pursue a serious relationship, and would make a great match. Here’s that guy’s memo!

Then you might know that guy who already has been dating a girl.


And ever.

And ever.



[Insert sound of needle scratch here]

Actually, there is NO alleluia, because the relationship has stalled out.

Well here’s that dude’s memo. It suggests three most likely scenarios for what’s going on in that relationship and then gives three other video options he can click for more advice on each situation.

Lastly, if you know that guy who’s wondering if they’re even ready for the dating scene, here’s his MAN2MAN memo. It will give him three important issues to consider in making that determination.

What about the guy I mentioned at the start of this post?

I haven’t written his memo yet, but it will likely come out this year, along with many more, so be sure to subscribe to our FMU YouTube channel and don’t miss your memo!

What other MAN2MAN memos do YOU think we need to put out? Tell us about “that guy” you know who needs his memo.

And be sure to be a true friend to those you know and love. Don’t let the men (or women) in your life make dangerous or foolish relationship decisions without prayerfully speaking the truth in love to them. If you can use one of these MAN2MAN memos in your effort, let us know the story! Then we can pray for them too!

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