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If Justin Bieber could pull a “back to the future” would he change anything about his past?

What do you think he would answer?

What would you answer if you were him?

Something about just saying “no” to drugs? Or never drag racing while under the influence? Or not resisting arrest after said drag race? Or how about passing on the opportunity to cut the single, “Baby,” a song only a middle school girl could love?

Well, we don’t have to wonder, because someone did ask the Biebs that very question in a Facebook live video he shot with his supermodel bride, Hailey. Here was his answer:

“I would’ve probably saved myself for marriage.” – Justin Bieber


Bieber continued, “Sex can be kind of confusing when you’re just being sexually active with anybody.” Hailey, agreed, “Being physical with someone can make things more confusing.”

Does this mean Justin doesn’t regret the drugs and alcohol and public scandals?

I doubt it. He’s been very open about his regrets.

Instead, I believe Bieber’s confession reveals the truth about the hook-up culture. The perception is that casual sex is not only normal, not even merely acceptable, but expected! Meanwhile, drugs, drinking and (off-track) drag racing is still generally frowned upon.

But if the Bieb’s only got one redo in life, he would have held onto his v-card. This must mean that when Justin says “being sexually active with anybody” is “kind of confusing” you must discern that “confusion” runs deep. And is probably accompanied by deep emotional pain and regret as well.

Of course, I would never encourage you to build your sexual principles on the opinion of a public figure. Fame does not an expert make. However, we can assume Bieber’s experience on the subject is likely as extensive as the average sexually-active single. If not more so. So his confession bears merit. Plus…

It’s way more natural to defend the choices you’ve made in the past than it is to admit, not only the deficit of your own judgement, but the pain it’s caused you.

Truth is, it’s a mark of humility to confess regret for choices you’ve made, though they be considered normal – even admirable – by the majority of the populace. In other words, Justin had nothing to gain by his promotion of sexual purity.

That said, beyond a celebrity endorsement for sexual purity, would you like to understand why casual sex can be so confusing?

Even scaring?

Even so scaring that Justin and Hailey have likely only begun to realize the full extent of how Justin’s sexual past will impact their marriage over the coming years?

I urge you to check out this LoveEd series featuring the TOP10 Benefits of Saving Sex for Marriage on our FMUniversity YouTube channel.

Because whether or not you can relate to the sexual experience of Justin Bieber, understand this: anyone, single or married, virgin or sexually-active, can choose sexual purity. Starting. Right. Now. And this series will encourage you to do just that.


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