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It’s the year 2000. My wife and I had been married for almost 7 years. We survived Y2K. Things were looking up, so we bought our first house just 3 months after getting pregnant with our 3rd child. And 3 months later I was laid off. No job… no money for a new mortgage and no insurance for a new baby.

Would you like to know how to better handle crises in your life? You know they won’t stop when you get married (did you read the above paragraph?!?)… not even if you marry the perfect mate. So if you don’t handle stress well before marriage, odds are you won’t handle it any better after marriage.

And the sad thing is that many many married couples separate over crises… crises that would have hit them had they never married… crises that will continue to dog their lives even after divorce.

Did you get that? Some people divorce over situations that they would have had to endure regardless of their marital status… a car accident, cancer, financial trouble, bodily injury, natural disaster, declining health of an aging parent. Marriage isn’t responsible for such things. Divorce doesn’t bring an end to such things, but people will get divorced over them anyway.

Actually, that’s what it looks like from the outside, but in reality, those marriages disintegrate not because of the circumstances themselves, but due to the way spouses react to those circumstances.

Of course, when you’re single you (theoretically) only have to deal with your own problems, but when you’re married, their problem becomes your problem. Even so, dilemmas, disappointments and disasters are part of life. You can’t blame someone for having them, but it can drive you to beat your head against a wall of glass shards when you see how some people handle them.

And there goes another marriage.

Would you like to get a better handle on crises management? Well at our next Saturday Seminar For Singles, Be Prepared – Before You Fall In Love, we’ll go right to the source of our bad habits when it comes to dealing with the unforeseen and unwelcome pitches life throws at us. And by changing our beliefs, we’ll change the way we respond.

Whether you wonder if you’ll EVER get married or whether you’re already engaged you’re going to find some tools you can use to take apart your next crisis before it takes you down. Hope to see you!