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RST-Sex Drive title slide

I don’t want to come across as a conspiracy theorist, but I’m pretty sure we’ve been lied to. And if it was only by the entertainment industry I wouldn’t say anything. Even if it was just the media, I might still stay quiet. But our public schools are in on it.

That’s what makes me want to park my Honda Odyssey in the city square of downtown Franklin and climb up on top of it with a bull horn shouting, “DON’T BELIEVE THE LIE!”

Today Buck & Sasha continue the con… or maybe it’s they who are hoodwinked. In any case, they trumpet what I was taught back in high school sex ed: the sex drive is driven by animal instinct and the pursuit of happiness. Period. That’s it. Any questions?

But I’m suspicious that there’s much more to it than that. I think our longing for sex reveals more about us than our biological make-up or our entertainment preferences. I believe it is birthed out of far greater needs and passions.

Further, I believe it’s those hidden motivations that have driven our sex drive so far out of control… and driven many a poor soul over the cliff of self-destruction. Whether it’s Bill Clinton in the Oval Office or Ted Haggard in a hotel room, we’ve all seen the power of the sex drive to drive one to ruin… to lie to oneself and the world… to give up everything.

Let’s not even talk about other people. Let’s talk about you. Having a hard time steering clear of internet porn? Can’t keep away from movies and TV shows that feed your sexual fantasies? Are you even struggling with your sexual identity? We all know this sex drive thing is running on more cylinders than my Honda and your car put together. It’s POWERFUL!

Here’s the good news: I believe when you can understand what’s REALLY driving your desire for sexual release, you’ll be better equipped to take the wheel back. Does that sound like a worthwhile goal?

Well this is the sole focus of What’s Driving Your Sex Drive?, one of the three sessions in our FMU discussion series: The Rated Sex Talks.

Consider booking it for your college, youth, young adult, professionals or singles group. Read more about it in this guest post over at Faith on Campus.

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