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dna-29 areasImagine this job interview…

Interviewer: So, Mr. Johnson, you’re here because you want to work for our company.

Job Applicant: Yes sir, Mr. Gates.

Interviewer: Well, why don’t you tell me what caught your interest in our firm.

Job Applicant: Well, Bob is actually the guy that introduced me to your business. He works in the R&D department. He’s always talked highly of this place, and well… the more I heard about it the more curious I became, so I got online and read up on your company. Just really impressive all you’re doing. Your product line – obviously – is the tops in the industry, but what’s way cooler than that is I filled out this online career assessment and – would you believe? – I found out that me and this company match up in 29 different areas of compatibility!!!

Interviewer: Well that is noteworthy. Let’s talk about the actual job you’re interviewing for. Tell me about your qualifications for the position.

Job Applicant: Ahhhhhh…. Well… I’ve always been a real go-getter and I’m looking forward to throwing myself into this new career. Ahhhhhhhh… I’ve been unemployed for some time, but always knew I’d find that right career eventually. It’s only been a matter of timing. AND HERE YOU ARE! How crazy! I never thought I could find a place where I could be so compatible.

Interviewer: Hmmmm… that is very interesting… 29 areas, did you say?

Job Applicant: Yes sir!

Interviewer: Well, what was your degree in?

Job Applicant: Excuse me?

Interviewer: Your college degree; tell me about your education.

Job Applicant: Well, actually my Mom and Dad both worked in this same field… more or less… I mean this industry didn’t exactly exist back then… anyways I spent a lot of my growing up years watching them. And of course, I’ve had lots of jobs myself – not in this career – but I learned a lot from each of them.

Interviewer: But you never went to college?

Job Applicant: Well no, sir, I…

Interviewer: Well then you must have gone to some seminars or workshops then? Perhaps you read up on the industry or completed some online course after you found out about all those compatible areas… How many did you say?

Job Applicant: 29, Sir, but that’s just all the areas they had to match up on. I’m sure if there were a way to measure it, I could be matched for this career path in 32… 37… probably like 42 different areas!!

Interviewer: I’m, sorry, Mr. Johnson, but I don’t think you truly realize how difficult a position this is that you’re applying for.

Job Applicant: Oh, believe me, sir, I know! I hear this kind of career can chew a guy up and spit him right out. In fact, I know the statistics. Over half the guys that enter this career burn out and have to switch jobs, but I’m ready, sir. I won’t let you down. I’ll be the most faithful, dedicated employee you ever hired! In fact, I know I can grasp all I need to handle in the 2 weeks of on-the-job training.

Interviewer: In the 2 weeks of on-the… Mr. Johnson, this isn’t like any of your other jobs. You’re not going to learn this in 2 weeks. And you couldn’t really even begin to grasp how to survive in this business by watching your parents when you were a kid… or even now… are they still in this business?

Job Applicant: Well… no… they moved on to different careers.


Please hear me, I wish that EVERY wise individual could understand how they measured up in 29 different areas of their personality. And then could see how their profile would fit (or not fit) with potential dating partners. THAT WOULD BE INVALUABLE!

But, read my lips – compatibility is NOT the key to a life-long mutually satisfying relationship. And if you don’t believe me, think of a married couple you respect tremendously that’s been marred at least 7 years. Then sometime before the end of this week, I want you to ask them how “compatible” they are.

You might not even have to ask them. You might already know how different they are from one another. And even if they say, “Yes, compatibility is the key to our marriage’s success.” There will be 10 other couples, with every bit as fulfilling a marriage who would laugh at the notion of compatibility making their marriage work.

Do incompatible people get divorced? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, probably close to 100% of divorces happen between two incompatible people, but, if you haven’t gathered by now from this blog, we believe that’s probably because EVERYONE is different… and whether you’re compatible in 0 or 29 different areas you’re STILL going to have significant differences and you’re STILL going to have to figure out how to work through them.

Please go back and re-read that job interview above. Can you see how compatibility doesn’t make the magic happen by itself? Can you see how beneficial ADVANCED (not pre-marital counseling… ADVANCED) preparation is a no-brainer option for marriage?

Well, that’s why we’re here… for wise individuals, like you!

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Now let’s go back to our interview…

Job Applicant: So does this mean I don’t get the job.
Interviewer: Well… that’s not the only thing you don’t get.
Job Applicant: Well, can I keep the pen?

DNA: It’s What’s For Dating

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