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Could you imagine if no one talked about their career unless they were:

A. About to land a job.
B. Lost a job.
C. Looking for a job

Of course not!! Most employed folks talk about their job all the time. And college students looking toward their future will discuss their career preparation, aspirations and anxieties ad nauseum.

But singles generally don’t talk about marriage, unless they are:

A. About to land a spouse (Engaged or seriously-dating)
B. Lost a spouse (Divorced or widowed)
C. Looking for a spouse (“In the hunt” or “Desperately seeking” or whatever disparaging term the smugly married or disinterested want to use)

Well, part of our vision for Marriage Ed is to get singles talking about and preparing for marriage like they would their career. After all, your career is an important calling, but marriage is even more so. Finding and keeping the right job is a challenge, but finding and keeping the right mate is quite a few steps beyond that (make that a whole lotta steps beyond that).

Could it be that the state of marriage is in such shambles today because this kind of dialogue and instruction hasn’t been happening?

Well it WILL be happening at the upcoming Marriage Ed Saturday Seminar For Singles: Be Prepared Before You Fall In Love. We’ll talk about issues that affect you whether you’re single or married – issues like vulnerability.

Got skeletons in your closet? Buried pain? Hidden fears? Nagging guilt? Unsettled disappointments?

Would you tell me if you did? Would you tell ANYBODY?

HAVE you told anybody? Have one or more of those things caused someone close to you say, “I just don’t feel close to you?”

Well, in their world premier, Buck & Sasha have some words for you. (See You Tube video above.) I’m not sure I can vouch for their advice, but I can vouch for the importance of the topic they’re addressing.

Vulnerability, transparency, openness, honesty, candor… call it what you will, if you’re going to be joyfully married you’re going to have to practice it. But before you can practice it, you’re going to have to learn it. Marriage requires open and honest dialogue. It requires compassion in covering sensitive subjects and grace in handling ugly issues. And, frankly, marriage isn’t the only relationship that calls for these kinds of skills.

Buck & Sasha may be clueless with what to tell you about all of that, but at the next Marriage Ed Saturday Seminar For Singles, you can pick up practical wisdom in how you can build the healthy vulnerability that marriage requires… and that could improve other important relationships in your life right now.

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