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DNA-TOP10 2014Happy New Year! Hope it’s one of true breakthrough for you!

Of course, there’s nothing magical about the turning of the calendar, just like there’s nothing magical about the changing of your relationship status. Whether we’re different after either event depends largely on our commitment to personal change and growth.

To that end, it is our prayer that these posts guide you in that endeavor this year. They’re the first five of our TOP10 most read Date Night Advice (DNA) posts in 2014.

I suppose you’d say these posts are the crem de la crem. That makes this post the perfect one to forward to someone whom you’d like to introduce to Future Marriage University. And even if you’ve read them before yourself, you might find fresh insight or renewed inspiration.

#10: LOVE is NOT Something You Find (Love Part 1)

This post was actually the first of a three-part series inspired by the #1 dumbest reason to date. And that series was part of an even larger one, TOP10 Dumbest Reasons to Date, a series which began with the 6th most read post of 2014 (listed below).

It begins like so…

The wait is over. It’s here. The #1 dumbest reason to date is… to find love.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “How could love be a dumb reason for anything, much less dating?” If you’re not dating for love, then what are you dating for? For hate? For like? Lust? The environment? Your Mom?

Admittedly, love should be the motive of a Christ follower in each and every life endeavor. But that motive should be to share love… not find it. BIG difference. [Read More]

#9: Two Reasons Why You Need to Forgive (Forgiveness 101 Part 1)

This post comes right from the intro of Forgiveness 101, a book on forgiveness that offers five Biblical realities to set you free to forgive. And if you like what you read, you can read the whole book for free, by clicking here.

Here’s the start…

is this book for you?

For starters, you should know this book is written for a specific audience – those who, though not currently “in a relationship,” think they might get married sometime before they die. Almost all relationship advice is directed to couples, but this book is addressed to the wise individual who wants to plan for the awesome calling of marriage a bit farther out in advance. (You know, assuming marriage might call for such advance preparation.) [Read More]

#8: Sex is a Conversation (Sex Part 3)

The single most popular series I’ve ever touched on in this space, I now affectionately refer to as The Sexual Intercourse. It was a 10-part series on human sexuality, and of all ten posts, this post has risen to the top. It was also the 5th most read post of 2013.

Here’s the intro…

Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32 (ESV)

Everyone likes the idea of the truth setting them free, but few like to think about the corollary: lies enslave.

Last week we asked, “What do You Believe about Sex?” emphasizing how powerfully our beliefs influence our behavior. In the hopes that the truth will set us free, this week I want to present a fundamental perspective that can help you walk (and date) in freedom from your libido.

TRUTH: Sex is not an act. It’s a conversation. [Read More]

#7: WARNING: Preparing for Marriage is NOTHING Like Building a Bike

This post is a brief excerpt from the second book (the green one) in our LoveEd study guide series: Beyond Sex & Salvation. The whole idea behind this series is to empower the wise individual to prepare for marriage like a successful career: intentionally, intelligently, and IN ADVANCE!

Book two covers three key life disciplines for relational success, disciplines many people get married without, and then suffer the consequences. At FMU we’d much rather see wise individuals enjoy relationships to the full, than suffer consequences.

This post starts off…

Did you know you already have a rough blueprint of what your future marriage will be like? You do!

Know where you got it?

Your parents.

Don’t remember getting it? Well, before you call and ask about it, understand this blueprint was never printed on large, thin, blue pages. That’s not how parents give their children their marital blueprint.

Parents pass down their own special marital blueprint by simply living out their marriage in front of their kids. In other words, the marital blueprint your parents gave you is the blueprint they followed themselves, which is likely a version of the marital blueprint they received from your grandparents. [Read More]

#6: Introducing the TOP10 Dumbest Reasons to Date

This was the post that launched 38 others, two years ago. And yet it still remains in the TOP10 for 2014.

However, before it was a blog series, TOP10 Dumbest Reasons to Date was a part of the discussion series, Friends Don’t Let Friends Date Dumb. So if reading 39 posts sounds too daunting, simply host an FMU LoveEd event for your college, youth or young adult group.

Just imagine how much fun we would have together live! Think CS Lewis meets Jim Carrey or Louie Giglio meets Steve Carell or Tim Keller meets Bill Murray. (Or any combination thereof.)

Sounds too good to be true? Ask my Mom! Better yet, see what non-relatives have said. (Click on the previous link and then click: references.)

Here’s the intro to the post which was the intro to the series…

When you date?

Do you know why?

Most who date don’t.

And worse – those who do are oftentimes looking for the wrong things.

So which are you?

  • One of those just hoping to find some vague thing of value on your next date (or hoping to somehow establish your own value)?
  • One of those with your eye on the prize – whether that prize be hooking up or getting hitched (or something else entirely)? [Read More]

Well there we are. The first five of the TOP10 HOTTEST DNA posts in 2014. Tune in next week for the TOP5.

Or, be a sweet dear, and tell us which post hit you most powerfully in 2014. We love encouragement as much as the next guy.

Speaking of which, has anyone ever told you that you’re loved beyond your wildest imagination?

You are.

He just told me.

DNA: It’s What’s For Dating

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