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To make out or NOT to make out? That is the question.

And an astute question it is imperative to answer accurately. Even more so, if you want to win the battle for sexual integrity in your dating life.

Will pursuing physical intimacy:

  • Help you date with more clarity, confidence, and courage?


  • Lead to more heartbreak, rejection, and regret?

The LoveEd video above will address that question as it helps you think through your interest in making out.

The True Opportunity Cost of Making Out

There’s an opportunity cost to spending your dating life pursuing physical intimacy; even if you keep your make-out sessions PG-13. Or even PG.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, an “opportunity cost” is an economic term which recognizes the loss of benefits that takes place whenever you make a choice. Namely, making any particular choice in the moment means the following:

  1. You must forgo all other opportunities in that moment of decision.
  2. You must forgo all the potential benefits you could have derived from taking advantage of those other opportunities in that moment.

This is the economic science behind the fear of missing out. It’s what keeps you from committing to a Bible study in case you might get an invite to a party the same night. It’s what keeps you from making up your mind at a new restaurant with a big menu. It’s what keeps you from deciding to pursue a dating relationship with one person, when there are so many other persons of interest in your life.

So if you are determined to go with the inevitable flow of physical intimacy—even if you stop before you “go too far”—what’s the opportunity cost?

Think about it. While you’re exploring your date’s body, what are you not doing?

You’re not growing in the knowledge of your date’s soul. That’s who they truly are! Not a hot body filled with hormones, but a sacred soul filled with hopes, fears, dreams, regrets, joys, and sorrows. We’re talking about the part of a person that can grow more bold and beautiful with age, while time and gravity take their toll on the body.

Now if you’re sexually involved, making out, or simply madly in love with someone, you may already feel like you are soul mates, but a soul isn’t something you feel, it’s something you know.

[The above post is an excerpt right from Date Like You Know What You’re Doing: Your DatePrep Guide. I wrote it to empower YOU to grow spiritually and date wisely so you can marry well. Check out the book and video curriculum here!]