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imagesIn celebration of the Mayans, Y2K and the melting polar icecaps we humbly submit: TOP10 Things Sex has in Common with the Apocalypse.

#10: Zombies
An apocalypse without zombies would be like Christmas without Salvation Army Bell Ringers. But what many never imagine is how carelessly giving yourself away in so-called casual sex can take your life without actually killing you (Proverbs 7). Many wish they were dead when they find out they’ve contracted an infection or have an unwanted baby on the way, but the real death happens in the spirit, which was never meant to bond so personally to multiple partners (1 Corinthians 6:15-20).

#9: Predicting when it’s going to happen doesn’t make it happen.
Only the chosen few fixate on end times forecasts, but many many young people obsess over the anticipation of their first sexual experience. There’s a reason more long for sex than for the apocalypse (other than the obvious fact that sex is more fun). Societal pressure tends to discourage and dismiss the doomsdayers (and maybe for good reason), but our culture relentlessly stirs up sexual desire (probably not for good reasons). However, wondering, wishing and wanting only makes the wait more agonizing. (Songof Solomon)

#8: We like to watch (or at least read about).
The only thing better than watching two unbelievably beautiful Hollywood stars ravishing one another is watching zombies ravish them when their done. Hard to believe, but there was a time when voyeurism was something to be ashamed of – the scandalous activity of a disturbed loner. Now we go to theaters and watch together – both sexual deviancy and wanton violence. And reading about it is no better. Engaging our imaginations in sensual or sadistic fantasy, we train our minds to find pleasure in promiscuity or pain. (Galatians 6:7-9)

#7: Cultural myths discourage healthy dialogue and understanding.
Since the apocalypse hasn’t yet happened, misinformation is understandable. What’s inexcusable is our culture’s propagation of sexual lies that continue to demean, deceive and destroy lives, hearts, dreams, and families. Here’s just one of these lies: it’s ok to enjoy sex outside of marriage as long as you aren’t married yet. (Hebrews 13:4)

#6: There’s more to life than sex and the apocalypse.
Believe it or don’t, you were no more created for sex than the earth was created for the apocalypse. Admittedly, the way the genders fit together it’s obvious we were designed to have sex, but sex was never the reason God made us. It’s not why we’re here(John 15:5-16). The idea that it is – more specifically the idea that we are first and foremost sexual beings which must find our fulfillment (and even our identity) in sexual experience is a cultural myth that is the basis for many others. It will have you bowing at the altar of your gonads instead of our God (who doesn’t have gonads, by the way – John4:23-24). Don’t let it!

We’ll finish out our TOP10 Things Sex Has in Common with the Apocalypse next week. That is unless the end of the world happens befo……………….

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