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In this weekend’s DNA, we finish off last week’s TOP10.

radioactive#5: They both generate heat!
Of course everyone knows we won’t be roasting marshmallows in the flames of the apocalypse. That fire is feared. However, the flames of passion can be every bit as dangerous. Instinctively we know this, but the heat of passion can be so powerful it can tempt you to take fatal risks. Don’t let it! (Proverbs 6:27-29). If you get burned enough times your seared heart will become impervious to pain. It also will no longer feel the warmth of true love either.

#4: You can’t be too careful.
If you’re going to stay safe throughout the apocalypse it’s going to take more than Ramen Noodles, water and a generator for the TV. That might get you through a blizzard, but not the end of the world as we know it. If you want to practice safe sex, you really need more than birth control. You need self control, because sex doesn’t merely involve your body. It engages the body, mind and soul all at once. Indeed, this partially explains why sex is so amazing! What would make us think that our body is the only part of us that needs protection? (Proverbs 5:1-14)

#3: God’s not uptight about either one.
Both your sex life and the end of the world fall under the authority of the creator, so if you’re following His will for your life you have no reason to worry about either (Matthew 6:25-34). Well, that is – if you trust Him. Do you truly believe God is in your corner, smart enough to know precisely what is for your very best, and has the connections to make that best happen? (Romans 8:31-39) If, on the other hand, you’re determined to live for yourself, there is much to concern you. (Romans 1:18-31)

#2: Neither can be tamed.
Not even zombies can control the outcome of the apocalypse. It will be breathtaking. Same is true of the sexual experience. Part of the enjoyment is letting go and enjoying the ride. Of course, you already know this if you watch primetime TV. And that’s the rub, because you’re being conditioned to expect sex to be like TV, but on TV (PLOT SPOILER ALERT!) they’re not actually having sex. They’re acting. So ironically your ability to enjoy the untamed nature of your own sexual experiences will be inhibited by all the “wild sex” scenes you’ve witnessed. Instead of enjoying true oneness with your partner you’ll be captive to surreal (and oftentimes unreal) expectations you have for them and yourself. Besides the obvious problem of a real life person in-the-flesh being unable to look like you can onlyon screen or in print, you’ll be frustrated that your partner doesn’t possess the same sexual desires, responses or “experience” as the actors you’ve seen. PLEASE stop exposing yourself to sexually stimulating media that will stunt your own sexual freedom. (James 4:1-8)

#1: Whether you’re READY when it happens matters much more than when it happens.
Know someone with the fully-stocked bomb shelter? Imagine if we prepared for sex just as purposely? After all, unlike the apocalypse almost everyone expects (and hopes) to experience sex in their lifetime. How does one prepare for sex? You prepare for the relationship for which sex was intended. That’s why I urge every unmarried person as young asjunior high, to replace their hope-filled pining for a sexy soulmate with sober preparation for a life-giving life-long marriage. That’s the kind of relationship characterized by lots of fun, carefree sex. (Proverbs 5:15-23)

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