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[updated 2/13/21]

“Are you a parking ticket? Cuz you got ‘fine’ written all over you.”

Is the deliverer of this pick-up line saying:
A) I feel like I could get into trouble with you.
B) You look like you have expensive tastes.
C) I literally view you as a fee I’m going to have to pay.
D) You literally have the word “fine” written all over you.
E) None of the above

REAL ANSWER: this pick-up artist wanna-be is trying to be funny by playing off two different meanings of the word “fine.”

DEFINITIONS for the word FINE:

  1. NOUN: A fee you have to pay for a legal infraction (like a parking ticket)
  2. ADJECTIVE: A favorable description of someone’s physical appearance

What this Pick-up Pun Tells You about Your Date

In truth, a bad pick-up line is funny between good friends for the same reason it’s not funny on a first date, because when you deliver a doozy like this to someone with whom you’re already in relationship, you’re making fun of those who throw out lines like this in the hopes of starting a relationship.

Having conveyed that disclaimer, let’s address this particular “fine” pick-up line.

Because, though this little introductory pun communicates a higher level of interest in you than last week’s opening zinger, “OK. Let’s get this over with,” it still communicates a similar level of disrespect.

That’s in addition to revealing your date has the maturity level of a middle schooler on a Mountain Dew high.

What’s so disrespectful, ask ye? Isn’t this is a compliment?

Hmmm. Well yes and no.

On the one hand, who doesn’t want to look fine?

On the other hand, they didn’t just say you look fine.

They said, “You have ‘fine’ [key words coming here]…





I can see them body-scanning you as they say it. (Motion sickness bag, please.)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking “fine as a parking ticket.” Physical attraction is GOOD!

At the very least, your date should appreciate how the Creator of the universe created you. So they shouldn’t be critical of your appearance or trying to change it to please themselves. At the same time…

Your date should view you as a person of inestimable value and not as a piece of meat with a cost per pound.

And that value shouldn’t come primarily from how you look, but from who you actually are.

That said, do you even know who you are?

And how do you measure your self worth? If it shouldn’t be about how fine or hot you are, on what should it be based? We address that in the follow-up to this post.

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