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[We’re in the middle of our online class for Relation^ology. If you want to start at the beginning, click here. Otherwise, read the three posts linked below (if you like, invite a couple friends to do the same and discuss with them) and then share your thoughts and questions with us.]

dna-danger of fame

Some of us have always wanted to be famous. Others have always wanted to know why anyone would want to be famous. And a very few folks actually are famous and wondering why it isn’t nearly as fabulous as they thought it would be back when they were like the rest of us.

Regardless of where you are, whether you’re hoping to go viral on YouTube, get drafted into professional sports, make it on the big screen, pack out stadium concerts or whether you’re content to simply admire those that do, this post will introduce you to three other posts which will open your eyes to the intimacy impostor of fame.

1: Going Down in the Flames of Fame

Why do so many famous people freak out at some point in their career? And is Taylor Swift next?

The simple answer to the first question is this: what fame promises and what it actually delivers are two very different things; creating something we call the fame fallacy. The answer to the second question: it depends on whether Taylor is able to handle the reality of the fame fallacy.

What precisely is it that fame promises? Find out in this post where we discover how easily it is to confuse true intimacy with idolatry. Or even just information.

2: QUICK! Before the Paparazzi Find You Read This!

If you want to make it big without eventually going Miley Psycho, understanding the false promise of fame isn’t enough. You also need to understand what the intimacy impostor of fame will actually deliver. And the emptiness of that as well.

In fact, in this post we discover that fame offers four intimacy impostors for the price of one. However, the price winds up being higher than you thought before you signed the contract and moved into your crib down the street from Taylor. Or Miley.

3: Are You Waiting on God? (Or is He Waiting on You?)

What’s the antidote to the fame virus? That’s what we share in this post.

It’s a simple antidote. But that’s not to say it goes down easy. However, it comes from scripture, so you know it’s good medicine. Good medicine that will enable you to grow in the life-giving intimacy you were made for in relationship with God and His church.

What’s Next?

In case you missed it, here’s the LoveEd video that goes with these Fame lessons.

Let us know your thoughts after reading through the posts in this lesson. Does it answer questions? Raise new ones? Turn on a light bulb in your brain? Halogen or incandescent? Comment below!

Next week we present our next intimacy impostor, but here’s the intro video:

DNA: It’s What’s For Dating

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