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This week, Buck and Sasha address the question: “What is the single most important relational skill?”

Sasha’s pretty convinced its communication… and you may agree. However, many eloquent, crystal-clear communicators get divorced. In fact, many a marriage has ended with one partner clearly communicating…

“I don’t love you anymore.”
“I don’t think I can live with you.”
“I’ve met someone else.”
“I’ve been having an affair.”
“I wish I’d never married you.”
“I wish you were dead.”
“If hate were a country… I’d be China.”

Don’t get me wrong! A couple that can clearly communicate their thoughts feelings and desires will have an infinitely better chance at succeeding in marriage than one that cannot. Of course, they’ll have an infinitely better chance at succeeding in relationships period.

But there’s another relational skill that holds the power not only to heal marriages, but to reunite estranged family members, unify political enemies, and end wars. Sure – clear communication is necessary for such endeavors, but no amount of effective communication in the world can overcome the absence of this essential element.

In fact, this relational skill is not only something you need to be joyfully married. It may very well be THE relational skill you will need if you want to stay married at all. And it will be the topic of the first session at the upcoming Saturday Seminar For Singles – Be Prepared Before You Fall In Love.

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