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[updated: 8/19/21]

Ready to Meet HerHey dude. I know you may not be into romantic comedies, but are you waiting for your movie scene moment?

The one where that girl catches your eye from across the room.

(Is she really even a girl or an angel? Or a goddess?)

As you’re lost in thought and time, you suddenly realize you had already caught her eye!

(Is she really staring at you?)

You glance behind yourself to check.

And when your eyes return to meet hers she giggles. Not a silly girlish giggle, mind you, but in a sophisticated, “you-silly-boy” kind of way.

Not that you can actually hear her from this distance. Not over the music.

The music. You know this song will be forever tied to this moment. The moment you met. The moment she touched your soul, before you ever spoke a word.

(How long has she been staring at you? And how could you have missed her until now?)

As if reading your thoughts, she smiles again.




And you can’t help, but smile back.

However, as you do you realize a little drool pooling in the corner of your mouth.

But she can’t see that from this distance, which means you can subtlety draw that saliva back in, by placing the tip of your tongue between your teeth and inhaling quickly, followed by a deep swallow as you naturally purse your lips.

Good show! From afar that actually looked suave! And of course she couldn’t hear that slurping noise. Remember the music?

As the song hits the first chorus, you know it’s just been added to the playlist entitled: Your Life, the Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Then she swallows too.

(Is that from her own nervous butterflies or her own overactive saliva glands? How could something so divine, ever know anything but perfect calm? And even if she’s merely preventing her own drooling episode, if she’s salivating because of you, isn’t that a good sign?)

Only seconds have passed, yet time holds it’s breath. Even the moon stops to watch, forgetting all about the ocean tides under it’s command; lost in the sea of emotions surging between you and her.

And there you are. Just the two of you. In a sea of humanity oblivious to the connection that is taking place between strangers who were made for each other.

Maybe forever.

Or maybe only until that little line of drool returns with a vengeance and drips down the front of your shirt.

Yep. She saw that.

The music doesn’t cover saliva drips.

[Fade to black]

Stop Waiting for Your Moment

Maybe you’ve already had about half a dozen real life movie scenes that went something like that. And you know now what you wish you had known then. It might have been infatuation. It might have been intoxication. It might have just been gas. But it wasn’t true love.

Well, man, take heart! There is hope for you!

No seriously, I know there is hope for you! I used to be you. I was there. Drooling over that girl, and on myself. But that was…

  • two-and-half years of friendship
  • one year of dating
  • one year of engagement and…
  • almost 28 years of marriage ago.

Not only was I once you, someday you could be me; when the idea of “happily married” will seem far too trite an expression to describe the relationship you share with your best friend.

But if that’s what you want, you have to stop waiting for these silly movie scene moments and start preparing for your future.

You’ve probably spent the bulk of your life preparing for your future already.

Your career that is.

But what if your future marriage holds the potential of being every bit as important, as challenging and as rewarding as your career? And what if the rewards of your future marriage will prove far richer than a shared “stare-fest” held across a room?

What if the rewards include a more profound understanding of why you were put on this earth, a greater passion for living life to the full, and a deeper knowledge of who you are and who you were meant to be?

Doesn’t that sound like something you might want to prepare for instead of just wait around for?

Rewards like that make movie scene moments seem like the two-dimensional daydreams that they are.

Are you feeling me?

Then check out the page dedicated to directing men like you to the Date Night Advice posts, LoveEd videos and MAN2MAN memos that can empower you to prepare for relational success when it counts, before you fall in love. Not to mention, before you end up drooling all over yourself in public like some teething toddler.

Begin your journey by pressing the Button of Manhood on our homepage, or just click here.

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[originally published; 8/17/16]