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Find out how far ABOVE and BEYOND our God went  since our annual fundraising event!

Back by popular demand, Future Marriage University (FMU) proudly (re)presents the TOP5 Things Sex has in Common with Easter. I know – it sounds just as sacrilegious as it did when I first published this post, but if you read it you will see it is not.

DNA-peeps#5: Love
Jesus said, (in John 15:13 ESV) “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” And then He demonstrated exactly what that looked like the following day – the very first Good Friday.

Sex is about love too – a more sensual love – a love we’re tempted to think we want (and even need) more than the kind Jesus displayed on the cross.

But romance ebbs and flows like the seasons, so if you’re determined to depend on Hollywoodesque infatuation to keep your love life hot you’ll have to keep switching partners. Which might sound like fun. Until you reach the age when other people who view sex similarly are no longer interested in you. Then you’ll not only be – gasp – sexless, you’ll be alone.

In contrast, the kind of love that fosters both dynamic friendship and truly intimate, meaningful sex over the long-haul is sacrificial commitment. And that kind of love doesn’t switch partners. (John 15:12, 17)

#4: Lower Prices
Easter weekend means Spring time sales (or what’s a holiday for?).

In our culture, the price of sex has dropped dramatically as well. You once had to pledge a life-long commitment. Then it was just a “commitment.” Now I hear the going rate for sex is a drink. And preferably enough drink to keep you from considering the actual value of what you’re giving away (or taking from someone).

Unfortunately, lower prices aren’t always good for the overall economy. (Gen 19:1-25) 

#3: Sacrifice
We don’t just celebrate God’s love at Easter. We celebrate what His love compelled Him to do. Jesus came to die – to give up His life for us (John 10:17-18). And He did so once and for all.

Sex represents a sacrifice as well – the offering up of your body. Those who have had their virginity stolen know this all too devastatingly. (If that describes you, please know the shame of what happened to you all belongs to your perpetrator. If you still carry that shame, PLEASE let a trusted friend-in-Christ into your pain. Your healing will remain elusive until you come out of hiding.)

Having said that, please receive this truth: the sacrifice of your virginity is just as significant when you choose to give it away freely. It is not something to be taken from someone, nor is it something to be lightly given away.

That’s why a loving God asks you to save that gift only for someone who is wholly committed to you in marriage for life. (1 Thes 4:3-8) 

#2: Babies
Easter marks the end of Winter’s dominion and the beginning of Spring when all the woodland creatures – bunnies, birds and bees – get busy making babies.

Sex is also about babies. God did not say, “Be frisky and make love.” He said, “Be fruitful and multiply.” (Gen 1:27-28) This fact seems to have been forgotten in our modern culture where sex is all about pleasure and children are viewed as a burden instead of a blessing.

If you’re like me, you’re not naturally a “kid person,” but Jesus clearly was. Perhaps He realized what we forget, that we were all children once and needed loved ones to care for us.

More specifically, your future offspring will need YOU to care for them. If you and your partner aren’t ready for that, you should question if you’re ready for sex. (Hebrews 13:4) 

#1: Forgiveness
We’ve already established that Easter is about sacrifice – indeed, the ultimate sacrifice – but why was Christ’s sacrifice necessary at all?

Without launching into a systematic theology, let me sum up: this was the only way to secure forgiveness of sin. So the world’s greatest expression of love was all about forgiveness.

What does this have to do with sex? Quite simply this: forgiveness is absolutely essential to a free and fulfilling sex life.

¿Como say what?

Well, if forgiveness is the greatest expression of love (yes, much greater than sex) then it follows that it would be critical in all of our relationships… especially the one with whom you share a sexual relationship. In many marriages though the cruel reign of unforgiveness has rendered the sex act empty and unfulfilling, or banished it from the marriage bed altogether.

Meanwhile, many of us feel utterly enslaved to sexual temptation, not understanding that our freedom lies in forgiveness, received by grace through faith (Rom 6:6-14). Instead, we hide and excuse and blame and deny and explain away our sin. And so our sin remains (John 9:40-41).

I hope you know that the God who gave His life for forgiveness of sins can set you free to forgive as well – not only others, but yourself. If you’d like a little help with that, click this link to get your free PDF copy of my little 70-page book on forgiveness: Forgiveness 101. It’s our Good Friday gift to you.

Happy Easter weekend!

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