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Want practical, Christian advice on the topics of sex, dating, and relationships?

We’ve got a blog for that.

And you found it!

This is our Date Night Advice (DNA) blog where we’ve been applying Biblical truth to said topics above in weekly posts for over seven years, and the piece you’re reading right now features our TOP10 most read posts of 2018.

#10: Tired of Fighting Sexual Temptation?

If the answer to the question above is a resounding “YES,” then this is your post!

And, clearly you’re not alone. (Otherwise it wouldn’t still appear in our TOP10 three years after it was first published in 2015.) So what are you waiting for?

Click and read: Tired of Fighting Sexual Temptation?

Want more practical, Biblical truth to empower you to win the war for sexual purity? We have an entire Hot Topic page for that!

#9: Want Sex? Read this before it’s too Late!

This one is actually the second of two posts addressing the Apostle Paul’s words: “It is better to marry than to burn with passion.” (The first post is also in this year’s TOP10.)

But even if you’re not sure you’d put yourself in the “burning with passion” category, you owe it to yourself to check this one out, because Paul isn’t actually addressing these words to frisky couples who can’t keep their hands off each other. He’s talking to all unmarried folk.

Are you an unmarried believer? Then you need to know what the unmarried believer, Paul, has to say about marriage.

Click and read: Want Sex? Read this before it’s too Late!

Could you use a little more practical, Biblical perspective on understanding God’s gift of sex? Check out that Hot Topic page here.

#8: Young, Single & Career-Focused? Read this before it’s too Late!

If you can’t identify with being young, single, and career-focused, definitely do NOT read this one. Move onto the next position in our countdown. (Unless you know and love someone who fits that description, and then read it and consider sharing it with them.)

But if you can relate, go directly to this post. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Click and read: Young, Single & Career-Focused? Read this before it’s too Late!

#7: Why I think Walt Disney may have been the Antichrist

I wrote this post almost four years ago, and yet this is the 2nd year in a row for it to place at #7 in our countdown. (What, I wonder, are people googling to find this one?)

Regardless, this is the first of four very important posts designed to lead you in reorienting your approach to dating relationships from a mindset which leads to continual heartbreak, to one which leads to relational success.

What does that have to do with Walt Disney being the Antichrist? I promise it will all make sense when you read it.

Click and read: Why I think Walt Disney may have been the Antichrist

Speaking of heartbreak, we created a new Hot Topic page this year to empower you to navigate that! Click here! Click here!

#6: Imperative Questions Only Intimacy can Answer

It was #1 last year, and remains in our TOP10 in 2018.

It’s a critical piece in our Relation^ology series where we share the most basic truths for thriving in relationships.

And though I call them “basic” truths, the reality is most adults don’t know them (or at least they don’t understand them). So you can be certain this post isn’t some “basics for the kids.” It’s for the wise individual who wants to understand what makes relationships take off or crash and burn. And not just romantic relationships. ANY relationships!

Click to Read: Imperative Questions Only Intimacy can Answer

And when it comes to the topic of relationships, whether you’re in one now, or want to be sometime before you die, we have a Hot Topic page just for that too!

As for the remaining TOP5 of 2018? Click here! But first, enjoy clicking and reading any of the hyperlinks of joy above.

Lastly, before you go, let us know what your favorite DNA posts are in the comment section below. Or share a question you’d like us to address or topic you’d like us to cover in 2019.

DNA: It’s What’s For Dating

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