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[updated: 8/29/20]

More fun than sharing lunch break with your buddies while sitting on an I-beam suspended 840 feet in the air, here are the TOP5 Things Sex has in Common with Labor Day!

#5: They’re about unions.

No labor unions. No labor day. Nuf sed.

Sex is about a union too. Indeed, it both symbolizes and celebrates the union of two becoming one flesh. In today’s hookup culture that depth of meaning is mocked. But, if the coming together of two bodies in sexual intimacy isn’t an unparalleled shared experience then what is? Sharing a sub sandwich?

In truth, we instinctively realize the sharing of sexual intimacy is not only incredibly beautiful and powerful. It’s also dangerous.

Indeed, like drugs, sex can be used abusively with terrible outcomes. If it were not so, sex scandals and human trafficking wouldn’t be such a big deal. But they are a big deal. A very big deal.

#4: They’re symbolic of an important change

A rodent’s reaction to its shadow determines the end of winter, but Labor Day represents the official end of Summer.

Sex was also meant to represent an important change in seasons: from single to married.

And sex is worth saving for marriage. Click the previous link and read why, or watch our LoveEd series, TOP10 benefits of saving sex for marriage, on our FMU YouTube channel.

#3: They were formed for the good of the common man (and woman).

Labor unions gave a voice to the blue collar worker who couldn’t stand toe-to-toe with big company management; spreading wealth and dignity to all.

Well, you could say that when God’s most fabulous invention of sex first rolled off the line, He was pleased for all to enjoy it, as well. As long as they first signed up for a lifetime union membership (in marriage).

Indeed, more than sex, God meant marriage as a gift to the common man (and woman), knowing that just like in the working world two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.

Then inside marriage sex was meant to be be enjoyed freely, free of expectations created by our culture and free of performance reviews based on those expectations. But if you’re not married don’t simply wait for sex, because marriage isn’t about sex any more than labor unions are about Labor Day.

#2: Fun!

Of course a little irony about Labor Day is you’re not supposed to labor on it. You’re supposed to have FUN!

Unless you’re in retail. And then you’re supposed to bust your butt to move merchandise like a machine.

Sex can be fun too, which is why we find sexually-stimulating media so difficult to pass up, but the more you expose yourself to sexual images and ideas, the less fun sex will become as you turn sex into a performance, instead of the precious (and fun) gift it was meant to be.

In fact, if you’ve developed a porn habit, there’s a high likelihood that you will sabotage the full enjoyment of your future marital sex life.

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#1: They celebrate labor.

I guess you could say, the labor force puts the “labor” in Labor Day.

But when it comes to sex, many seem to believe it’s all about celebrating.




However, regardless of whether you come from a Biblical or Darwinian framework, sex was never an end in itself. Instead, sex has always been about continuing the human race.

What I’m trying to say is that the ultimate purpose of sex is to produce children. And that’s a whole nuther level of labor, my friends. (I’ve watched it first-hand three different times.) So if you aren’t ready for Lamaze classes, keep your hands to yourself. And to help you there, keep your dating life out in the open!

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[originally published: 8/31/17]